B I R D  T R O U B L E

Welcome to Bird Trouble! We are a handmade collection of bags made out of Chicago, IL. Each is handcrafted individually with a detail to attention and quality. BT bags are functional for organization and space. Our inspiration to create mainly comes from vintage styles. We most of all love the 70's, with both sides of festival youthful freedom and printed design polyester. 

BT is a one-female company, and we encourage other females to express your individuality. What's better to express your indiviuality by wearing handmade? That being said, we should also tell you that all of our bags are made eco-friendly with recycled vintage fabrics and leathers. (There's vegan styles to choose from too!) Since our material is limited, our styles are one of a kinds or come in very small collections... so grab it while you can!

Our bags are ::: functional, stylish, detailed, waste reducing, and vintage inspired. Bird Trouble bags are cost friendly because of our material costs way less! Rad, right? Fabrics are always cleaned after finding and inspecting, and are always conversational and alluring.

Reach me any time. We're open for ideas, new projects, and new friends : 
ALEXZ [at!] BirdTrouble dot [com]

June 2012 : Bird Trouble was nominated The CHICAGO READER'S Best Indie Crafter for the second year in the row! Thank you friends and family. I'm so honored to be featured in the Chicago Reader, it's sort of mind-blowing, and to have such a wonderful support.



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