Hello! Welcome to my little place, my blog full of Bird Trouble work and what inspires me. 
I'm Alexz, the designer, the seamstress, the packager, the blogger... currently the whole sha-bang behind the Bird Trouble brand. I'm living in a lovely apartment with my dog, Ty, in my birth city... sweet home, Chicago. I'm in love with my city, but have also always had a craving to travel and experience different places, different lives. I love to document my life and watch how my surroundings change... and now I have a little place to keep all my memories: this blog.

When I'm not working on the Bird Trouble brand, I'm a receptionist at a really talented, creative driven, inspiring hair salon. I'm at the city dog beach or at park with Ty. I'm thrifting or DIY-altering something that I've thrifted. I'm typing to catch a local show or I'm getting drinks at a local pub with some friends. I love to explore my city - and have the tendency to open doors and go into buildings I may not belong in. I'm all for good fun.

I am not perfect. I am human just like you. I'm always working at positive re-enforcement thoughts ("you can do it dude"), a lot of ("you'll have time. chill out!"), and reading up on how to stay relaxed. To chill me out, I think about my dog, or the dream of buying an RV to travel and sew, and all the inspiring details of colors and textures Chicago has to offer if I open my eyes. I'm a creative thinker with what seems to be, a brain that never stops.

I wouldn't be me without rock & roll, this city, the love of rock & roll. I collect squirrel related items and have come to the conclusion that they are my spirit animal. I enjoy to watch black and white movies and sometimes I like to listen, but not actually watch, foreign movies. I like a nice day at the museum or walking around looking at architecture. I can't be anything but thrifty when it comes to spending, and I like to cook myself a lot of sandwiches.

Yours truly, Alexz Sandoval
Contact me with any ideas, inquires, questions : Alexz * at *

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, 
and in between he does what he wants to do.” -Bob Dylan