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This is just really quick, but I’d like to update you on a new transition of mine. Please welcome yourself to my new creative home where I will be focusing on the lifestyle of Bird Trouble, what inspires me, and what I hope to inspire you with. I'm switching over to Wordpress because I love, love the look of it. I'm goo-goo.

I don't have Blog Lovin' set up yet, but I will update you both here and there when I do. I'm currently watching Lady and the Tramp (we've been watching Disney movies all day) - and I sort of checked myself out for the weekend before my busy sewing week starts. I'm going to be switching over my BirdTrouble.com domain to that page - so please sign up to get emailed our blog posts - You can follow my new blog through Bloglovin by clicking this here button:

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NEW BEGINNINGS! I love them. That's all I'm saying for now - until next time. xo


I Moved Blogs! + Resolutions + 2012 Recap

With the new year coming in just a few days, I thought I'd make a little stop by to recap on some 2012 photos & to let you guys in on what 2013 is looking like for me & Bird Trouble. I normally do not make resolutions but I'm seeing the benefits of making a few now. If you're reading this, you're reading this from my Blogspot blog & I'd like to remind you that I moved over to a Wordpress blog. Please start following me over there - as this blog is not going to be used after this post. This is my closure to end 2012 & this is the beginning to my 2013 resolutions. 1) Starting a new. 2) Being more open.

Why am I moving?
I moved to Wordpress because I wanted a location where everything about the Bird Trouble could be found while I still had a personal blog that shows you a little more on the BT brand, and myself. In person // in real life, I am more of an open personality. I'm interested in showing people what I'm doing & I love meeting new people. I love getting to know the person enough to know that you have some sort of a connection with them - and that's how I'm going to use my new Wordpress home - to show you this special part of my life & my inspirations. 

About the New Blog.
I really do have a lot in my brain & I want to be more open this year. I can't not let it out. So I'm going to start a weekly schedule for the new Bird Trouble Blog Features. The one I'm most excited about writing for is where I show you pictures from my personal life during that week. That feature will be called "These Days". I think this is going to help me feel more motivated to write outside of my blog too. I used to write every day, I even used to have a LiveJournal, but what's more important is that I had all these paper journals where I documented the trouble I'd get myself into, what I was feeling that day, & all that went along with growing up. It used to be such a huge part of my creative outlet & I know that it will help again with ending a day & starting a new.

Here are the blog Features for Bird Trouble's new blog home.
Music Monday.
These Days - Tuesday.
I Wore This - Wednesday.
In the Bird Trouble Studio - Thursday.
Friday Favorites.
Chicago, My Kind of City - Saturday.
**The Creatives - Interview Sunday.

Eventually, Sundays are going to have small interview posts featuring all kinds of creative people. The motivation behind The Creatives is to inspire us at the end of our week by reading what inspires & drives these people. I love learning about why someone does what they do, where they live, what their surrounded with, who they love. It's to support a creative modern lifestyle in a short tasteful personable way, where we can share inspiring pushes & introduce ourself to new people. I will introduce that more in the new year.

Follow My New Blog
I hope all of you follow me at my new blog. I just added a BlogLovin' button to make it easier. I'd love for you to spread the word too if you're a blogger yourself, & if there's any sort of collaboration you'd like to do to help support both of us, please contact me.

I really do appreciate each one of you taking the time to read what has been going on in my life. It's truly heart filling to receive such support & honest feedback from you guys. I've met so many amazing ladies (mostly) from blogging over here. Its scary moving but I know a true audience will follow. I really do see you as new friends & can't wait to meet more over at the new Bird Trouble Wordpress Blog.

Happy New Year and much happiness & personal success to each of us in 2013.


Self portraits & a new tattoo.

I had a lot of crazy dreams last night that triggered something in me to wake up & play photo shoot. I brushed on my makeup skills and did nothing to my hair, only sleeping on it slightly damp last night. I made the dress a few months ago and I'm really pleased to how it came out. You can't really see all the fun details in the photos, but there's leather shoulder trim, vintage buttons, and a cool seam in the front. I should wear it way more often than I do.

You can sort of see the new cicada tattoo on my shoulder in some of these. I'm so, so, so stoked to have another new tattoo artist in Chicago. Allie Fischer from Tattoo Candy has a really great traditional (a mixture of old & new) style with the cutest add-on of her own decorations. I swear each of her illustrations were meant for me.

I'm spending the rest of my evening finishing up a batch of wallets & then prepping my brain to go back to work at the salon tomorrow. I've had three days off in a row - not to mention the holiday week before hand - and I need to get my weekday-game-face on.


From new the Bird Trouble studio.

My studio is coming together quicker than ever.

This past weekend, James put shelving up in there. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder to have those shelving. I've become fond of working in a space that feels inspiring, and it's been a struggle achieving the organized comfort, but I think it's finally 85% there! I just need to repaint the walls.

I was snickering at the fact of becoming the type of person who cares about what their space looks like. Only because I used to work on my bed, or on the messiest living room floor, or the most cramped of rooms. I'm not too picky. I moved out at 19 and have only collected items from alley ways or thrift stores - and though some of the items aren't the best of condition, I love it this way. I remember having my fabric stored in milk crates, stolen from the back of restaurants.

The shelving has even added to feeling like I'm "growing up" to a young women who's establishing her style. I have a real studio!!! All I'm saying is that this shelving makes me feel really, really legit, guys. It feels really good to walk into this Bird Trouble studio. We can thank my recent promotion at the salon for this redecorating (yay full-time + PR/marketing work!)!

Here's a glimpse of some photos that I took today. I'm having a studio-feature soon (more on that later!) and I'm holding off on posting full room photos. If you follow me on Instagram, you may catch more glimpses!



Handmade Accessories Lover's Gift Guide

Enjoy some of my favorite handcrafted accessories that would be perfect for that fun & free spirited bird in your life. Be sure to shop with them this weekend; seeing as it's Black Friday shopping weekend, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday - most of them probably have special offers right now!

I put this collection together listening to the sound of James put the beginning of my new studio's shelving up, and it made me really happy at the fact that I am going to have handmade shelving. The accessory to a material hoarder lady's life. I'm going to be able to organize things how I've been wanting to and show off the awesome cement floor that I have.

PS. Happy shopping weekend to those taking part. Remember that Bird Trouble is having 20% off + a surprise gift with each purchase with the code: shopsmall2012