Quick update and stores you can find me in!

Hi buddies.

Okay, here's another quick post because I'm busy watching Mean Girls and sewing like a mad woman... but what else do I do, right?

-Saturday afternoon I had an interview at Salon 7 in West Chester. I GOT IT! I'm excited because the owners seem real sweet and generous.

-Sunday I went to the Piazza to do vend for the whole day. I have a retarded tan on my back and my left shoulder feels burnt. I had 5 sales though! Which I think is awesome! I just love sitting there and meeting tons of sweet people.

-Sunday after the Piazza, I walked to Amberella Sugary & Sweet Gallery... owned by a sweetie pie, Amber Lynn. It's all pink. Pink walls, pink upcycled furniture, pink accessories. It's pretty much the happiest place ever. Anyway, we chit chatted and she loves my bags so she took 20 of my items to sell in her store! You can probably see it sometime later this week and on her website once it gets really going.

Here's some info and links on Amberella Sugary & Sweet Gallery:

Amberella Sugary & Sweet Gallery & Boutique
The Piazza @ Schmidt's Suite 62
1050 Nth 2nd Street Philadelphia, P.A

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