Renegade Handmade Chicago

Hi everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend and your Monday went great like mine did.

Great news! Renegade Handmade in Chicago is interested in carrying coasters and holiday ornaments from Bird Trouble! I'm so excited about this. Like, seriously, so excited. The store is in the heart of Bucktown (my favorite neighborhood in Chicago).
I miss living in Bucktown... they have a really great fabric store, The Needle Shop, that I visit when I go to the city and a bunch of great restaurants and bars.

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More to come later! I rearranged my room and would like to show you the layout of my work space now. I really have to get to work now! Have a wonderful night. :)


  1. Man, I wish I lived near Chicago again. I freakin' love it there!

  2. that's so exciting!
    good for you. :)

  3. Congrats!! That's awesome news.

  4. Cailtin, Chicago is amazing. :)

    Thank you everyone!

  5. Aw that is so awesome!! Super exciting for you!!

  6. holy snap! that is AWESOME!!! good job chica!!! ^_^