peak into my life.

Take a peak into my life.

If anyone is messy, it's me. Take a peak at my workspace after a tornado hit it. I wont even show pictures of my floor because I can just tell you, it's pretty much flooded with scraps of fabric and thread up to my knees.


A string with little mini clothespins clipping my photobooth pictures of me and nate or me, nate, and friends.

Crates stacked with books, my important binders-that-hold-important-stuff, my mini collection of squirrels and owls at the top. 3 blue bins with scraps, orders, and random stuff at the top that hasn't been put into it's proper place.

25 wallets just waiting to be sewn together. my mini singer serger that i <3. SDC14448
Oh and that's my new sewing machine. I'm returning it though. It can't handle my layers of fabric. But if anyone wants an affordable sewing machine with a million stitches and awesomeness, go to Costco!

my 22 before 23 goal list. inspired by .elsie*cake. everyone should make one of these lists! my dry erase board with nate's doodling and some order reminders. my readymade magazine

Oh and I want to thank everyone who shopped at Bird Trouble this past crazy-insane weekend. :D :D :D See how happy I am?


  1. oh girl!!! i love LOVE your workstation!!!! love the colors...so fun!
    have a good afternoon!

  2. what a wonderful room of inspiration and creativity!!

  3. i can't wait until you list all those new wallets! i want to buy one from your etsy... but i am waiting for just the right fabric combination! <3

  4. do you seriously call that messy? if so, you dont know what messy it, lol! you should see my craft room in all its glory, omg!

    but really, you have the cutest crafting room, i would be inspired to craft all day long in a room like that!

    one day...

  5. LOVELY! it doesn't look messy at all. i wish my office was that beautiful.

  6. I love the purple walls too! If that's messy then my work space is a disaster area haha. I love everything about your room!

    I wanted to know where you go the blue stacking organizers. I've been looking all over for something like that with no success :B

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    Lauren- I'll post when my wallets are up on my Etsy. :)

    Melanye- I got the blue stacking organizers at Joanns Fabrics! They were dirt cheap too (if I remember correctly).

  8. i have just found the new color for my walls!!! LOVE it!!!


  9. Wow! I am so in love with your space!

  10. you must be joking, your workstation looks like the neatest and prettiest little place! i love it and also great idea with the clothesline and photobooth pictures.

  11. this room is really gorgeous, i love so much the pink colour^^

  12. your workspace is soo adorable...wish i had one!!