10 Things I Love

Hello friends! How was everyone's Easter?! Mine was great. I spent all day with some friends. We had brunch, hung out on the roof until it started raining, then danced to Slayer. It was pretty great.

1) Spring! It was pouring rain last night and again tonight. I love sitting in my bed with the open cracked open so I can smell the rain and feel the breeze.

2) That awesome poster! I'm going to go to the craft store and make my own this week. I always sing that song and I love it's message.

3) You know me and my love for nails... but did you know that I love gold?

4) This is the perfect weather for tights and shorts. Actually, this inspires me for tomorrow's outfit!

5) I need a new book to read. What's everyone reading right now? Suggest me your favorite book.

6) This is magical. I should plan on doing this in my bedroom soon.

7) I don't think I need to further explain, haha!

8) Nintendo game boy!! Does anyone else get super happy from old video game systems? I have an old Nintendo with Duck Hunt and I'm pretty sure I still have my Sega around here somewhere...

9) This amazing kitchen! I especially love the anchor curtains. This is from a Chicago apartment therapy!

10) Last, Sunday brunches with friends! We ate at Logan Grill and I had a delicious waffle. What a great weekend we had!

Okay and I know I have been promising a giveaway. I PROMISE there will be one this week. I'm excited for it!! Oh and thank you everyone for the compliments on my new tattoo in the last entry. You guys rule! Thanks for being awesome.


  1. Wow! all those nintendo games make me all warm and fuzzy inside! super :D

  2. Go here: http://www.ourcitylights.org/2010/03/new-book-and-big-announcement.html

    join this book club - excellent. we just started a new book.


  3. ADORE those lanterns in that bedroom. baaaah, i want to do it asap as well. especially with summer coming, who needs big overhead lights!

    also, a lovely book to read is still alice. it's about a lady with early-onset alzheimer's and it's one of the saddest most wonderful books i've EVER read. and i read a lot. also, life of pi, favorite book of my life.

  4. Read House of Leaves. If you like Poe, you will recognize some of the book from her songs. The book is amazing!

  5. I think you meant to say, until is started RAINING BLOOD!

  6. i just recently bought the book "lucky" by alice sebold...its kinda disturbing (about a rape) but i love reading true stories about courageous women and i'm sure you do too :)

  7. I love the oldlady jejeeje!!! I´m reading salomon mines and Worldwar Z from Max brooks(is about zombies)
    and yes i like vintage nintendo, I used to have SuperN, but died T_T, i want another one XD

  8. I reading thee best book, I cannot put it down- House Rules by Jodi Picoult. It is amazing. :) Love your blog btw- I am your newest follower. :)

  9. I love the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty... it's really funny, and Jessica kind of reminds me of you :) The first book is called Sloppy Firsts.

  10. oh gosh.
    your blog makes me so happy inside!
    all the beautiful photographs and vibrant colours rock my world.
    Thankyou for being wonderful!
    Happy Blogging x

  11. I love the lanterns! I can't recommend a good book because I'm trying to find a new one for myself!