Let's talk about...

Right now, I'm laying in bed with my space heater directly aiming at my face. I have my Mozilla opened on the right side of my screen and then I have 'Into the Wild' playing on the left side of my screen. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly suggest it. It'll make you think a lot. I always reminds me that materialistic items aren't the most important things. It also make me want to pick up and go.

I've been working a lot lately and have become a busy bee like everyone else this holiday season. It's been a countdown for me this year. Normally, I'm just excited for it to pass but it's different this year. Everyone has been in a holiday spirit around me and being home around my friends has made a difference too. My boyfriend, James (I apologize for not talking about my wonderful, inspiring, sweet boyfriend but yaaaaa' know, it's personal. Before I end the parenthesis, I will tell you...I can not describe him. He's not like anyone I've ever known.), loves Christmas and always whistles Christmas songs. I think it's just because I am truly happy. Maybe finally?

I'll let you in on a little eye candy and some descriptions about what else has been going on lately.

I'm not sure who follows my twitter but if you don't, you missed my "OMG WE JUST FOUND A 7FT PRE-LIT FAKE CHRISTMAS, FREE, IN IT'S BOX, AND IN AN ALLEY". Our something new Christmas tree's lights are all mostly working and I've added my finishing touches. It's remarkable on how it makes our apartment feel like home.

The seeds that I planted have flourished! They're growing so fast and delicious looking. My basil is now just starting to come out too. I'll have to transfer these to a bigger pot soon.

I've done some collaging with fancy striped tape and placed them into my pretty red frames.

We did a craft show the other week. I had plenty of eye catching features to pull in customers... and have them say "wow, look at that cute gnome!"... and of course to get them interested in my items. ;)

I filled some simple looms the other day. My goal is to enter them into the shop by this weekend. They'll range from $8-$15 as of right now.

And last, a new purse design! This is for a certain someone. I'm not going to mention who because it's a Christmas gift. Anyway, it's a simple tote bag with a multi-purpose pocket on the inside. The fabric is a match of two vintage fabrics and a vintage table lace sitter that was cut onto the front. Also comes with a key fob on the inside! I'm super excited about this design and can't wait to make some for the shop.

Next blog post: Recent thrift finds! I can not wait to show you guys. I've found some of my most favorite items as of yet!!


  1. Your Christmas tree does look so traditional and warm! You found it? Lucky lucky you!

  2. i love my space heater these days too! :)

  3. so many cute things!
    and beautiful tree :)


  4. Wow girl, you have your hands full! Your tree looks so pretty. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time! :). Hope you enjoy your holiday.

    - grace