Craftin' and gamin'

After sewing an insane-lady amount of clutches and doing a Spring update for my shop,
I've decided to sit back and enjoy life as the weather is getting warmer and Chicago-ens are becoming more cheerful!
I figured this is a well needed break until I get into insane-lady-sewing-mode again. Which, I'm assuming if I'm feeling this good next week, it will happen then.

I finished a painting for a parents the other week.
It's a copy of an original photo that I found at their house. I liked the sepia and unfocused look it had.
Plus, who doesn't love camping?

This past weekend, we went to a Sox game for Lauren's birthday. It was a blast. Best weather of the year so far and Sox won! I have a million pictures but most of them are of me, Jill, and Lauren... making it seem like we're obsessed with each other. haha! I promise we're not.
We just had a few beers and well, you know what happens after that.


I've been giving myself manicures left and right because warmer weather = cute nail polish in my life!
This lasted me, oh about... 5 hours. Ha.


  1. I really like how you painted your parents hair (let's pretend that doesn't sound creepy... hah)

  2. Awesome nails! xo.

  3. My grandparents hate camping, I remember my grandfather listing all the reasons why he would never go again! ;) I, however, love it. We're planning on several camping trips this summer... can't wait! Looks like you had a great time at the game. :)

  4. awesome painting. also, i wish i could sew!


  5. i LOVE your painting. wicked style!!!!!!