Get DIY Inspired!

Get yourself out of the house! Grab a blanket (not from your bed), some pillows, some newspapers, good oldies tunes (or whatever you prefer) and start DIYing outside! Spring is about new beginnings and cheering yourself up. These projects have inspired me to start doing more things outside, and since I'm trying to save as much money as I can, I'd much rather sit in the lawn and get crafty than fill my closets with more vintage clothing that I don't need.
Sometimes you need to just stay in the house and have some good quality, fun DIY time. :)

Here's a collection of projects that I personally want to try out this month. We have a perfect backyard with grass and a deck if I don't feel like getting grassy. I can't wait to milk it out on a sunny day.

Okay, come on now! Not only does this look super easy... I hope I'm not speaking too soon... but this is too darn cute! You could also even switch it up with some fabric swatches and lace! I think I'm going to do that because I have a ton of sheer fabrics that would make a lamp look amazing. Found here.

My own avocado?! Holy...shucks. I love avocados. I crave them. I'll eat the avocado plain like it's icecream. Sooo...sooo...sooo good. I'm most definitely going to grow my own. The picture was found here but the tutorial was found at the California Avocado Commission.

Now this is perfect to do outside. Your old speghetti jar? Done. Spare fabric & Mod Podge? Done. All you need is some soil and seeds! With time and patience, a cute little plant will grow but first you need the adorable planter. You can create out of the box by adding ruffles, buttons, studs, feathers... Found at this lovely blog.

Love these? Ginette Lapalme is an illustrator from Toronto and is an amazing artist. This is one of my favorites which I found at his website, here. I can not be the only crafter who sees a stick and likes it just because of it's shape... or am I? My roommate and my boyfriend make fun of me all the time. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!? I'm going to do my own stick painting with the sticks I've collected. BOO YA!

I hope everyone was inspired and gets dirty in glitter, mod podge, paint, and scrap fabric soon.
Please comment if you have any DIY that you have a tutorial for or if you have any favorite tutorials! I want to inspire everyone while I inspire myself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you day was swell! :)

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  1. Avocado tree? Are you kidding me? I MUST DO THIS NOW.