Strolling in the Sun

I worked the open shift today so as soon as I clocked out, I knew I wanted to enjoy the 80 degree weather we're having here today in Chicago. Boy, did I enjoy it!!

I ran around with Ty to the dog park, lied in the grass to read my Johnny Cash comic book, and took lunch to James while he was hard at work cleaning out this really awesome apartment in Wicker Park. While we wearing in the park, Ty saw a pigeon and ran halfway across the field. VERY FUNNY, TY.

Now I'm outside, listening to Lou Reed, mooching the last of the day's sun in my bikini on the back deck. I'm not forgetting to mention that I'm wearing my vintage Marshall Fields red sun hat and drinking a tall glass of Chardonnay. What a perfect relaxing day.

Just a little longer and then I'm going to try to get some shoulder bags sewn up. I had each day planned out with goals of sewing and yep, none of that got done because it's been too nice outside! The perks and faults of owning a side business... you can be your own boss but it's hard to be strict on yourself!

I wish I had a little caravan in my backyard where I can keep the door open and feel like I'm sewing outside....

What did you do today? Was the weather nice? Did you do something out of the ordinary or was it a typical day?


  1. beautiful pics and it seems that you really have had a nice day!!!

  2. You make Chicago so much more glamorous than it is for me. <3

  3. Is it weird for me to say that you look so much like Lizzy Caplan? Have you ever heard that before? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0135221/

  4. A caravan in the garden to sew in would be awesome. The perfect craft space!
    Loving your blog :)