10 Things I Love :: Free Spirit Edition.

10 Things I Love
Free Spirit Edition

1. LF lookbook. I just recently came across LF and I love, love, love their Daydream Nation book.
2. Fresh retro styling with a twist of 1970's textures.
3. This website is a really great photo reference and inspiration. I love the look and the kiss lock clutch she girl is giving the camera.
4. How could I not love a pair of 70's platforms
 5. She has an eye for texture! I love everything about her hat, and the sequins. If anyone knows more about this picture, I'd love to learn! Also, if anyone has a hat like that.... eh, eh?
6. No caption or further explanation necessary. It doesn't really even fit the theme,
but this has to be one of my all time favorite shows.
7. Joplin, her wild hair, and Masters with his superb hat. 1970, New Mexico. 
8. Weaving blankets. This specific one was made in Mexico. I'd love to have in my living room.
9. Bike power in San Francisco, 1972 when they were trying to get upper Market St. to be more bicycle friendly.
8. Paint your wagon. A topic, and a recent serious interest! Summer on-the-road business 2012?
9. 1970's Halloween dream masks. Simple solution! I wonder where I can find modern day replica masks.


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