Around chicago :: The Dark Horse

A few nights ago, I went to The Dark Horse with a few of Max's friends that I've known since high school. It's sort of funny, because if you visit the site and if you knew me, you'd be like "Why the heck were you there?". The night we went, it wasn't insane with these Chicago sports fans (trust me, they're nuts! no offense, haha), and it had more of a dive bar feel. Which is much more my type of cookie. I thought the Christmas lights were really distracting and awesome, and it actually inspired me to put up our mini lights around the door frames in our apartment the next day.

After that, we went to The Pick Me Up Cafe. I had a breakfast dinner, of course. This place has been one of my favorites since high school.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

   If you go out, what type of bar scene do prefer?  

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