Make-over time! - A clean, refreshing, change.

I went on one of those cleaning, re-organizing, and completely switching crap around rampages this passed weekend. I feel like I've been definitely hiding that trunk under my clothing rack for too long. I decided to clean it off and put where the TV originally sat. It's probably one of my favorite estate sale finds- when Jenny and Alec were in town- it was only $3! The inside is leopard. Meow!
My new favorite thing in my room is the mirror! I found it while I was in Milwaukee... for only $4!, and I just now got to cleaning it and hanging it up, above the rolling vintage magician box, where all the best things belong. I also piled all my scarfs and bandannas together into that precious little plastic bowl. Though, I am a little suspicious that I am missing some scarfs...

Oh yeah, while I was cleaning, I watched The Good Heart. It was a wonderful movie.

Along with my cleaning my home, I spent my Monday evening on a completely CLEAN blog change and updating all my information on here. The blogger Dynamic Views stole my clean line loving heart.

 Let me know what you think! It definitely put a good kick to the beginning of my week because I was really excited about it, and a lot more refreshed with something different.

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