Friday, I´m in love.

Welcome to Friday, I´m in love. 
A new series where I share a few things that I´ve been enjoying lately. Each post will have a small collection and a few words. I could be sharing people, styles, art, photography, fashion, design, or anything really. I couldn´t keep up with 10 Things I Love Friday´s because really, it´s hard for me to collect, remember, and jot down 10 things I love while working a fulltime job outside of my sewing and blogging.


Inspired to Share recently shared Alexandra Valenti´s photography in her blog. Holy cow. Let´s talk about how much of a babe this model is, but every model she photographs is. If you look at Alexandra Valenti´s website, you´ll see how she has a great eye for texture, tones, and photographing the styling. Her blog shows her traveling and photographing - which is also a huge inspiration to myself.

The Design Center of Philadelphia´s Tumblr. I spent a really long time on this website last night and was really excited that they have photographs of what they house. Their collection of textile swatches are great to go to for color pairing and texture inspiration. Oh, and of course to look at pretty pictures.

I´ve been loving this for a while, but my friend Rachel recently launched the website for her vintage shop, The Paraders. The website is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and really easy to get lost shopping around! I´m so happy for Rachel and her new step in her business. The dress above is one that caught my eye, and the photo under is from her March 2012 Lookbook.

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Also, if you have another moment, please take a peak at the little makeover I did for my blog. I´m really liking the fresh and clean look of it. I still have to do a lot of work on some buttons on the side, but all I have to use is Sketchbook Express... and it´s a bit getting used to to downsizing and less features compared to Illustrator or Photoshop. So, sooner or later, it´ll have the full effect... but this is good for now!

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I hope you enjoy your weekend. There are so many birthdays this week and so many celebration parties that I´m going to try to make it to in the next 48 hours. 
I´ll be the one with the bandages on her face drinking a water.


  1. Oh, I love the photography by Alexandra Valenti! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things.

  2. after reading your title, the song "friday, i'm in love" by the cure popped into my head. =)