Honestly post - Chicago

As I´m sitting here at the edge of Lake Michigan trying to gain inspiration for any type of work today, I can't stop thinking how much I love living in Chicago. Currently, the weather is in this beautiful upper 60 degrees weather and the breeze coming off the water is the most perfect feeling.  I feel so calm and relaxed with my mind just open and clear from the hustle and commuting of today.  I had a lot of errands planned, but had a little clearing in my schedule, so I decided to relax here for a little bit before I make my way home for more ¨reality¨ living. You know, paying bills, realizing the dog needs dog food (literally just remembered that now), looking at the pile of clothes I need to alter… just stop.

We all know how nice is it to give your self a day off to enjoy the air by yourself, but do you really enjoy it? I walked here from the Chicago red line train and did two of my favorite things to do: take pictures and people watch. I walked passed the various windows of shoppers, coffee drinkers enjoying sitting outside the coffee shop at the corner of the busy streets, the outdoor bistro eaters and wine drinkers who were laughing hysterically with their friends, the homeless guy telling me to smile and then cheering when I do, the older couples who still hold hands, and the younger couples who look so alive.

I parked my butt on the cement beach just south of North Avenue beach, opened my computer, let my phone die, and typed away. Here I am, clear minded, writing because I know it´s something that really makes me feel good. I like the small details of events around me and looking outside the big picture because it's hard to remember the pro's of life, where we live, what we surround ourselves with. We all live and we all are get through our days even though some are happy, some of painful, sometimes we are told hurtful words, sometimes you don´t understand why it is what it is, or you want to so badly, change something that is, but cant.

You could be thinking about your bills, reminiscing about an old friend, thinking about a new friend, stressing about the over-whelming to-do list… but if you remember to step outside that mental box, go a different route, change what you´re used to and refresh yourself with something new, and learn to get through life how you do it best, it really can inspire you in so many ways.

Today, I´m really appreciating this beautiful damn city for giving me what I need right now, at this time of my life. The view of the Hancock building that I used to sit and eat lunch in front of during my lunch breaks from the Pilate Studio days, Navy Pier and the Farris wheel that has left me with some of the happiest memories, the man meditating with his eyes closed to the city and his back to the water, the sound of the people walking behind me while my back is turned to them. 

I’ve left this city multiple times only to come back to multiple times, because I think it´s really pretty damn great here. But who knows what the years down the road will bring because maybe I´ll want to move back by San Francisco, or maybe I´ll want to adventure to a new city by myself, or maybe I'll just stay here. Either way, I am open and excited for the future with my eyes and mind open. Are you?


  1. i'm actually really excited that you posted this.
    my boyfriend and i are coming to chicago for the first time this weekend, and your photos are inspiring me to just wander the city and take it all in!

  2. I want to move to Chicago so bad! I have visited millions of times and absolutely love it. I need a faster paced motivational setting, people on the go, people DOING things. I love where I live but people just settle for the slow pace of the south and do nothing day after day. I can't wait to live in a city where there are people that have the same aspirations and passions as me. I don't even have friends that sew! AH! I need to move!!

    Glad you're finding YOU time. I have the same frustrations of letting little stresses weigh me down. I always try to get out of the house, shut off contact with the world and lay by the river or lose myself in a good book.

  3. This post really made me smile. We had our honeymoon in Chicago last December and totally fell in love with the city. Some people don't understand why or how, but there's something very magical about that city. From seeing all kinds of people, to being able to people watch to just immerse yourself in the city life. How i'd love to just blog by the lake and watch the world go past - sounds somewhat like perfection to me!