Wears : DIY Band Tee & Academy Jewelry

Against Me! was one of my favorite bands going through the start of high school. I remember the day my friend had me listen to What We Worked For, I listened to it over, and over, and over. I was instantly hooked. With most of their songs, I remember feeling like they were taking the words right out of my mouth and screamed it right back at me, and the feeling of thrill and acceptance was so strong.

I saw them a few weeks ago at The Congress Theater, and though they've done a lot since I saw them in high school and played mostly new songs, they were still impressive as ever. They played my personal favorite, Pints of Guinness, and I was more than fricken' excited... I almost had my shoe taken off of me.

- DIY cut up shirt, because they only have larges left with this design. Which is totally easy and anyone can do this! I simply cut the neck a little boat neck style and cut the sleeves off, but cut deep into where your ribs are.
- Handmade quartz and bullet shell necklace from Academy Jewelry. This is my rediscovered favorite necklace. I won this in a giveaway a few months ago and felt so lucky. I could wear this necklace every day, and basically have been. It definitely adds to my outfits like these, when I'm a loads more casual.
- DIY cut and folded from a pair of high waisted Levi jeans that I found thifting. Also super easy! I do this to all of my old jeans that I'm just feeling bleh, over. Plus, I love cut offs. So. Much.

Today I'm out and about the streets of Chicago for the Pride Parade. It's starting right down the street from my apartment this year. I haven't seen it since high school because one year, I was side punched in the face. Not fun! I'm really certain that I'm not a huge fan of insanely packed crowds of drunk people, but I'm giving it a go this year. Trying to step out of my norm, enjoy all the celebration, hopefully spend time with one of my besties, and take lots of photos. The good thing is that my apartment is a hop away if I get sick of it!


  1. I love Against Me! And I have tons of band t-shirts and most of them don't fit. I think I need to try this.

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