Lately, In Pictures.

That is my roommate Nina. I call her NEIN. We like bugs, gross things, doing girly things, and anything pumpkin. Doesn't Ty look like such a sausage link? I think he's the cutest big muscle man on this planet. I'm here to show you a few random pictures because I feel like sharing - and they're filling up my Flickr account. 

Other than that, things have been doing really good here lately. I've had to pick up more shifts at the salon, so my creative time has been cut sort of drastically. On top of shorter free time, I've been spending a lot of time with James and we do a lot of out door things. We used to live with each other last year, but with him living further this year, we tend to do a lot of hang outs outside the apartment when we're with each other. Oh well, things will come back together soon. I'm working on a lot of dyed fabrics & custom orders, so you'll be seeing those popping up here and there.

That is all! I hope you enjoyed my little random post. I will kind of promise to be back later on this week, or maybe even in a few days! I need TO show you my new hair!

xo, Alexz


  1. I love seeing how your bags' style changes over time. I love the new ones! :)


    1. Aw, thanks Rachel! I'm loving what's coming out of my sewing machine lately - style growth is crazy to me... with anyone. Look at how you've changed in the last year! xox