NEW BAGS : Dyed & Bleached Collective with an update.

Today is the release of the new products from Bird Trouble's Hand Dyed and Bleached Collective. These bags are now available in our Etsy shop. As seen in the Bohemian Collective, there is only one shoulder satchel available as of right now. The clutches are one of a kind and will come in bundles. To stay with our repurposed trend, the lining in all of these bags are thrifted repurposed materials. 

The items in the Bird Trouble Etsy Shop are ready to ship and will ship in 1-4 business days, giving you just enough time for the Holidays.

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Other than shop updates, I've been keeping extremely busy over here. I've been working really hard to give you guys enough bags for the holidays and, of course, our internet went out earlier this week. While we wait for a new modem, I've been spending hours at the coffee shop under my apartment. It sure is a great place to come to. I get so much work done here compared in my studio though I've been listening to the Talking Heads for the last 3 hours & staring at my computer for the last 4 hours, it may be time to step out into fresh air. 

I also recently was given a promotion at the salon and now I have a bunch of new & exciting responsibilities! I'm so excited to be working along with the salon's marketing team and seeing what new experiences come my way. With the promotion is a lot more time at the salon, and I am in desperate need of some me-time. James is away for the weekend on a father & son re-treat (cute, huh?) so it is perfect timing to squeeze in some alone time. My plans for the evening? Well needed SHOPPING! What are yours?

As always, I appreciate every one's support who comes to my blog, checks out my bags, or even spreads the word. If you're an artist or a blogger who is interested, I would love to collaborate ideas on how we can promote each other. I recently received an email from a daring small business owner offering ideas to bounce off each other, and it's important to never forget that we're here to support each other! SO, that being said, THANK YOU for supporting Bird Trouble's cause and what I love to do.


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