a new job and weekly updates

I started my first day at Victory Brewery yesterday.

The positives about this job:
-Being busy, busy, busy constantly is GREAT. I hate just standing there and not doing anything so actually being completely busy is a great change.
-The whole vibe of this place is amazing. The workers are hard workers, they're funny, and they're friendly. I also really like the managers there too. They've been super welcoming and helpful. Being a casual family restaurant makes a huge difference too.
-Being around beer is just, awesome. Being around people and families who love great beer is awesome too.
-The food is mmmmmmm mm mmmmm. I love dressing the nachos... looking at it just makes me want to eat it!
-Online scheduling. Um, what an amazing idea!

The negatives:
-Standing and running around all day really puts a tole on my feet. Not to mention I already feel like I have arthritis and I'm only 22 years old. I need to buy insoles for my shoes and I'll be set.
-I can't wear my piercing. Whatever, I'll get over it but it's my favorite piercing I've ever had! I just hope it doesn't close up.

That's really all the negatives I can think of. Both of which can change on my part. I don't think I've ever liked a job so much on the 2nd day! This is crazy. Me, a working woman, and liking it? After I quit my last job, Nate told me I better get rich fast so I could open up my own shop and become my own boss because he knows I can't and hate working for people. Maybe Victory will change that. Well... until I get rich. :)

On another note, I hope everyone's having a great week!
Here's some updates:

- I'm having a sale this weekend! You can check out the shop appearance for details.
- Bird Trouble now has a myspace. I made it super ridiculously pretty too so you should check it out.
-Since I made the Myspace pretty, I used the same layout for our website. I plan on making more pages for the website and making it really really, realllllly pretty.
-I have one laptop sleeve added into the shop as of 2 seconds ago. I plan on doing some more listing of these in the future once I have more time to complete them but I can also take custom orders.

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