New Vintage Items

I've been searching some antique shops around here for desirable vintage items for you guys!
I used to love to go to antique stores daily and recently, I've been trying to get back into it rather than just going to Thrift Stores. I'm so excited I've been doing so because it's pretty meditating to me. I just love walking around at all the dealers and seeing what they've collected and thinking in my head who's house and who used to own the items.

I also really want to get a variety of items in my store. My items are all half vintage/upcycled materials and half new materials so having some real vintage items in the shop will bring more of a 'look' and give my shop more of a mission. I'm excited.
Anyway, I added these two clutches to the shop. The black one sold the NIGHT I listed it! Wow! I was so shocked.

Other than that, I've pretty much been working my day job lately. Me and Nate have been trying to spend more time together so we've been going on dates and really trying to connect like we used to. It's going great. I'm so fortunate to have a boyfriend who I can really communicate with and have a passionate relationship with. I'm excited for what our future holds again.

Well, I have the day off... we spent some time outside because it's BEAUTIFUL outside. 70 degrees is perfect weather! Especially out here on the east coast. 7o degrees in Chicago is still yucky. Now I'm going to finish up this entry, take some pictures of my fabric for someone interested in a cup cozy wholesale order, and work on a custom order laptop sleeve I have for this amazing girl!


  1. Love that purse with the gold chain :)

  2. me too! someone else did too because it sold the night i listed it!