Vintage Monday

Vintage Monday
I love fall because I can start matching my clothing with my tights, thigh highs stockings, boots, my motorcycle jacket, and some knitted slouch hats. Lately I've been searching for the perfect vintage tops to wear for this fall's chilly season. A bunch of 1960's mini dresses and tunics have made it to my Etsy favorites that would be perfect for anyone's closet. Here are a couple
of items that are on my want list!

Hold My Gold Vintage has a bunch of beautiful items. Not to mention that the pictures are such an inspiration. I'll take those shoes too!

Smitten Clothing's black GRUNGE cotton tshirt has to be one of my top favorites because of the interesting details and the asymmetrical hemline. Plus, black is my favorite color.

Kit Bit's has this adorable mini dress. It looks so comfy, light, and perfect to wear layers under. I'd harden it up a bit by wearing a motorcycle jacket.

Oh my, Old Age really did it this time. I'm OBSESSED with this puff sleeve mini dress. The colors are perfect for this fall and it's so pretty.

The best thing is... these picks can be kept in your closet to wear next summer!


  1. Awesome! I Love the mini dress from Hold My Gold Vintage!!!

  2. Rockin Mama- I love it too. It's got the cutest little retro pattern on it!

    Caitlin- I know, isn't it amazing!

  3. i heart the first and the last outfit,... too pretty