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Hi folks. My life has been a huge rut as of this past couple of days and I apologize for not posting or adding new items to the shop lately.

3 days ago, I decided I'd be happier in Chicago so I quit my job at the brewery, I rented a 14 foot uhual, and drove all my stuff from Philadelphia back home. I almost risked my relationship with my 3 year boyfriend but we talked things out and thankfully, we're still together. He will be out here in a month. I just need my independence and I need to take care of myself for a bit. I've never had a chance to take care of myself so I'm excited for it.


  1. good luck in chicago! my family is from there...i love that city :D

  2. Thank you sweet ladies! I'll be back to posting sometime within a week.

  3. Hope everything goes good!

    Lovely blog!