Weekend Fun

Hello to all of my new blog friends!

If you were around to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, I hope you had a great one.
Friday was a lazy one. Honestly, I can't even remember what I did. When I do remember, I'll let you know. :)
On Saturday, I had work but was cut after 2 hours of food running because there wasn't much of a dinner rush. I don't blame people either. I would have rather been at the beach than indoors.

Sunday, Nate's sister, Stacy, invited us over for lunch. We had tacos but if it were up to me, I'd call them steak wraps. Nonetheless, they were delicious, refreshing, and perfect for a Sunday lunch. We left Stacie's and we went to Brandywine State Park in Delaware so we could enjoy the sunshine and so Nate could play some disc golf. I enjoyed walking around, following Nate like a lost puppy, searching for 4 leaf clovers, picking weeds (as you can see in my hair), and running away from bee nests.

Today, Monday, I worked on the Bird Trouble's webpage for most of the morning (a.k.a. 12pm-3pm- I need to wake up earlier)... I also took pictures of all of my fabric for Holiday custom orders. I rushed to shower and get ready at 3pm because I had a work beer meeting at 4pm. We also had a brewery tour but during the tour, I had a sudden rush of heat and dizziness so I had to leave to eat some french fries and drink some cold water. Damn blood sugar level. I've never felt like I was going to faint before... it was pretty scary.
After the tour was over, me and Taylor (another food runner) sat to have a Stormking beer and talked for over an hour about our boyfriends, work, and her passion: snow boarding. It's cool to know I've finally met a girl who I can just hang out with around here!

Now, I am sitting on the couch with Nate and we're loving Anthony Bourdain. It's all about New York and there's New York Dolls playing behind Anthony narrating. If there's anything I could ever love more... is New York Dolls AND Anthony Bourdain.

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