This was taken in 2005 or 2006. There is this subdivision in a really wealthy neighborhood that has it's own lake with it's own mini beach and it's own mini-parking lot. I always went there when I needed to get away from highschool, highschool friends and boyfriends, and my parents. I'd usually bring a book along. Taco's my nickname... I'm a proud mexican. ;)

I have a few other polaroid pictures that have been stashed away for a couple years and I just need to get around to scanning. I love polaroids. I'm looking to get a camera and some film before there isn't anymore to get. My last one was gray and pink... it was awesome until it broke.

Me and my Dad at the Taste of Chicago. I'm not sure how old I was here. Check out my awesome hand-painted dragon on my stomach!


  1. Great blog Alexc! I agree with you about those polaroids, These are charming, and I hope you can dig up some more.

  2. I will dig up the rest this week, thanks for the comment!

  3. I love the Taco picture and your dragon on your stomach! Reminds me of summers during my childhood. :)