Goebberts Pumpkin Farm

Goebberts Pumpkin Farm

Goebberts Pumpkin Farm

This is where I went the other day.

Goebberts Pumpkin Farm.

It was way too crowded. We did find two plump perfect pumpkins to carve though. It was my first pumpkin carving experience. I know... I'm 22 years old and I just carved my first pumpkin. Isn't that funny?

What do you think I carved? I'll give a hug to the person who guesses correctly. ;)

OH and by the way. Nate got a new light fixture working! That's a whole 'nother story though.
Let's just say that my room is very bright and I'm a very happy girl.

Anyway, I'll do a legit post after this stressful and upsetting weekend is over. We're going to go Wisconsin on Thursday because Nate's grandma passed earlier today. She's been battling for many years but I'm sure she is much, much happier not suffering. Rip Grandma W.


  1. wow love these pictures!
    Tomorrow x

  2. Did you carve a bird???

    Those gourds look really cool!

  3. that looks like a great pumpkin farm. so many are super cheesy, but that looks like a classy pumpkin farm!

    i'm carving a pumpkin this friday! so excited!

    thanks for following bird trouble!


  4. How have you never carved a pumpkin before?

    And I am sorry about Nate's gma, though of course, I don't know either of them. I will have you in my thoughts!

  5. we got out pumpkins this week too, but have yet to carve them.

    did you make yours a bird? i hope you did!


  6. Caitlin, I have no clue how i've never carved a pumpkin before. hahaha
    Even my mom was so into us carving our pumpkins because she never carved one either. it might be because my parents are straight-up mexican and... well, yeah. I dont know if they carve pumpkins in Mexico. hahah

    Rachel & Emilie,
    it's not a bird. :D I guess it would have made sense if I did carve a bird but... nope. I'll put a picture of what I carved in my next post. I'll still give you two hugs though.

    Janis, what did you carve!?