"Blood will run down his face when he is decapitated...aah!"

our first real halloween

The pumpkins me and Nate carved. I know, I probably should have done a bird because it would have made sense... but I love squirrels. haha

I'm at a hotel room in Superior, Wisconsin. Superior is as far northwest as you can get here. Me and Nate have been knitting since 9pm. Yep, it's our newest hobby and we're trying to teach ourselves by watching youtube videos. We're good at the simple stitch but we're still confused about the purl stitch. We're both making scarves and we're already maybe 3 1/2 feet into each scarf. I'm excited. It's a good weekend even though we're here for the wake and the funeral... it's still in good thought. We're having fun and it's nice to see Nate's family and to spend family time. Hopefully we'll be able to go to some antique stores because THEY'RE FRICKN' AWESOME out here. As much as I respect both coasts, I love the Midwest and I'm so happy to be back home.

Other than that, we're watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall right now. It's basically in my top 6 favorite funny movies ever. I was just singing along to the Dracula song that Jason Segal sings and it's so perfect since tomorrow is Halloween. It's just too funny.

"die.... die.... DIE..... ................. I can't."

Fogo De Chao

Me and Nate went on our first official date in 3 years. He took me to Fogo De Chao. It was tons of fun, beautiful decoration, and delicious food. This is us dressing up.

I will make another post about some other stuff that has been going on lately. I want to post a picture of the squirrel that Nate painted me. I heart him (Nate AND the squirrel). Oh and thank you Emilie, you have gotten me obsessed with about 10 pairs of TOMS shoes. THANKS A LOT!


  1. You are so welcome ;) I think I want the gold ones too!

    I love your jacket in that picture, where'd you get it?

  2. You two look awesome! and love your pumpkins!