Sweet Words

I received the sweet email yesterday afternoon from a customer who purchased a pouch last week. I thought I'd share it with everyone because it made me really happy and some of you are Etsy sellers so I'm sure you'll understand & appreciate my happiness. :)

Hello Alexz,
i just received my bag today and I LOVE IT! It just as pretty as I hoped!! Thank you for the card, too. Your kindness really means alot and your beautiful work is truly appreciated!!!
Thank you! I can't wait to start using my bag!
Thank you so much,

And last week, Carrie (who has made 3 purchases from me already- and all of them were in like 1 week time because she's hilarious and amazing), left me the nicest feedback on my Etsy. I really want to hug her. She is the sweetest person, ever!

"As always, complete and utter perfection! Thank you so much, Alexz! My makeup has been upgraded from a ratty Ziploc baggie to its new cozy little pouch, and my iPhone is safely - and cutely - ensconced in its new home. I'm happy. :)"

*Sigh* I love making people happy.

Did I even post pictures of the new style clutches in the shop?! I THINK NOT! I'm excited about it. I think the rounded bottom is real cute and you can squeeze so much into these little suckers, you can actually use it as a day clutch!

Well, this was just a quick post because I should be sewing my new tote bag! Chocolate woodgrain fabric! I can't wait to see how it turns out... I'm adding a bunch of cute details to it. :)


  1. I just ordered my fawn pouch! I can't wait to get it :D

  2. i can't wait to have a little extra $$ so i can order something! your work is beautiful so i'm not surprised that you get such sweet feedback :)

  3. These are wonderful! I love the bug one :)

  4. Emily, I CANT WAIT TO SEND YOU YOUR POUCH! Ahhh! I got so excited when I saw your paypal message. Oh man, I'm going to send you some goodies. Be prepared for awesomeness.

    Melanye, thanks sweetie! You're great. :)

    Becky, thanks! I love the bug one too. The bug print is handprinted in Glasgow by Showpony. I fell inlove with it as soon as I set eyes! www.showpony.etsy.com Check her out, she rocks!

  5. hey, thanks for following my blog. i love yours! and i love the things you make, glad to be your fellow crafting friend!


  6. Thanks Laura! I love your blog and the things you make too! :)