Vintage Monday

Vintage Monday
So ever since I moved back to Chicago, I kind of have to rethink my fall attire because it seems to be we're not going to get a fall. It's FREEZING. It's never this cold in October! I remember when I was younger, I would go trick or treatin' on Halloween in a short sleeve. So it looks like I'm not going to be able to wear my tights and a mini dress because this weather is too unbearable. Oh well, maybe I'm just a baby because I was blessed with a beautiful California weather last year. :)

1. JessJamesJake The Vintage Boyfriend Scarf.
I have a soft spot for striped scarves and this one looks soooo comfy. Gimme.

2. MellowDayss Vintage Olive Green Long Blazer.
I actually did not realize this was a blazer until looking at the item again because it looks so much like a peacoat. This wouldn't be warm enough for Chicago but with a nice this hoodie underneath it, it would do the trick. I just LOVE the color.

3. BoomBoxBlitz Oatmeal White Knee High Pirate Boots.
I seriously love myself some pirate boots. I seriously love, love myself oatmeal colored pirate boots. Oh, and if you love vintage shoes... I would recommend checking out all 116 shoes from BoomBoxBlitz. Yeah, 116!

4. QsDayDream Vintage 30s Turban Style Hat.
Just like in the description, I'm not much for fur but this hat is just TOO cute to pass up! I could only imagine how snug my ears would feel.

5. Thrush Ski Lodge Mittens.
Some winter days, I want to be really, really comfy. Who am I kidding, that's pretty much every day. These mittens would do just the trick!

6. Other Peoples Property Sexy Noir Gloves.
And then other days, I want to have a mysterious sexy vibe (haha!). Really though, I used to have a sick obsession with Bonnie Parker and these gloves bring me back to that obsession. They've got cute little buttons on them too!

What are your favorite items (that you have or that are on your want list) you wear in the winter?

Hugs and high fives,


  1. love vintage monday!! love all the picks!! ooo and I see some fun pics below!! going to check those out!
    hope you are having a good week, sweetie!

  2. Love that collection of stuff! Today has been the first "warm" day since Fall started here in Colorado. I also remember the days when I could trick or treat in summer attire. It's a little depressing, I would say

  3. Thanks Beth, I hope you're having a good week too. :)

    Caitlin, it is really depressing. :( Lets hope for summer to come back, QUICK.