Sorry I've been MIA

Shoulder bag in Russian Stacking Dolls and a reclaimed belt OOAK

Hi friends. I've been completely MIA for a while now. I have some good news though!
I was contacted by Adam from the Marketing Team on Etsy last week. He asked me to send out one of my vintage clutches to InStyle Magazine in New York (with their fedex account)!! He said the Today Show was doing a segment on jewelery and accessories on Etsy... and my clutch could potentially be featured! Anyway, I was pretty much having a heart-attack all weekend (haha, not literally) because I was so excited. We woke up super early this morning to watch it. Unfortunately my vintage clutch wasn't chosen (they only talked about jewelery, no bags) but the girl from InStyle name dropped Etsy TWICE! Go Etsy!

Anyway, I totally apologize for not being a good blogger friend. Basically, I've been working or spending time with Nate. We haven't even been doing anything besides walking around aimlessly at the mall, knitting, going out to eat, movies, bowling, or hanging out with our friends way too late. Other than that, things are going great and I'm still loving Chicago. I'm not liking my job too much but I think I'll hate every job I have until I'm working for myself. I wish I could sew everyday... and I probably could, but I need money for college in January.

russian stacking dolls on a soft upcycled grey. roundy zippered clutch OOAK

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to this week! I promise I'll start posting more often. :)


  1. super cute clutches - shame that they didn't feature any bags, but WOW on the closeness!! congratulations. i just wanted to let you know that i linked to you on my blog. well, actually, i linked to you a little while ago, but i just discovered that i could link you with that sweet little picture. so, you're there. yippeeee!

  2. What an opportunity that was for you. It is like the academy awards of handmade, it is nice just to be nominated.

    Your work is beautiful.

  3. Daffado, thanks so much for linking me to your blog! :) :)

    I agree that it was a great opportunity and awesome to be so close. Thanks you two!

  4. Wow that's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!