Strictly photos.

All photos taken on October 31, 2009 in Superior, Wisconsin or Duluth, Minnesota. Our final goodbyes to Grandma W., Halloween spent away, and a rekindle in our relationship.
Our adorable family

Our family portrait.

Happy times.

"Why are you doing this to me?!"

We weren't hurting him, he's just a big baby.



You had to be there

Wild Rice.

Wild Rice

roundy light house

Treasures in line

Lined treasures.

Duluth, Minnesota

Saturated Bowie.

Superior, Wisconsin

"Get her!"

Nate and Bowie. Duluth, Minnesota

Oh... you know, just me and Bowie.

Light house. Duluth, Minnesota.

Goodbye, for now, Duluth.


  1. beautiful photos! i've never been to MN but these pics make me want to go. it looks so serene. you look so pretty too, i love your hair :D

    p.s. your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!! When I get a bigger place I would like a pit. my boss rescued one that she is fostering and she is gorgeous. Maybe I'll get to adopt her one day ;)

  2. I've totally been on that doc! Pippin was REALLY scared and weirded out by all the pigeons.

  3. :) I love the family portrait! I just wanna give that big puppy a hug! So cute!

  4. oh even our doggies could be brothers!