One week down and I'm still sick.

I really have nothing to post about because I've been hibernating in my bedroom for the past week. I will post a few pictures on my needlework I've been working on. Here ya go:


The squirrel was a template from a Sublime Stitching kit. I added the grass and the tree to make him feel at home. :)


Ride on. This is my own design. It's a gift for someone for Christmas. Hopefully they don't see it on here..... hmm....


In Bird Trouble news: I'll be adding 13 new wallets to the shop tonight! I think they're all so cute. Be sure to check them out before they're gone! They've got owls, russian stacking dolls, deer, dias de los muertos, anchors, birds, polka dots, and more. I'd love to hear feedback. Enjoy!

Remember last week when I said I felt like crap? I still do, yay! It's been one week and I'm still sick. I'm not waking up with a fever anymore, which is awesome, but I'm waking up with insane coughing attacks, which is not awesome. I can feel myself getting better though. I'm probably not 100% better because me and Nate have been staying up until 5am every night watching Lost. We watched all 5 seasons in one week. Hahahha, we're insane! I'm not going to even talk about the show because I'm so upset that I have to wait until February to see the 6th season. UGH!

Chicago is soooo cold. It's my first Christmas here in 2 years. Last Christmas I was in California and boy, do I miss the warmer weather. It rained all winter in the east bay but it was better than getting a frozen nose each time I step outside here. One down fall about last winter= I had to ride a scooter in the rain. It was pretty funny. You shoulda seen me on a hot pink electric scooter, going 20 miles an hour in the bike lane next to traffic, with a rediculous helmet on in the pouring rain (and some days, I'd be wearing heels).

Have a great week, everyone! I hope you're staying warm!


  1. oh yes, i had the same thing. the cough lasts for about a week but you will feel better every day. dont worry, wellness is on the horizon! and hey, needlepoint rules and esp yours. teach me please?

  2. I am afraid since everyone is sick, that it may be my time soon...
    Also, I am sick of the cold weather! I have never been to California, but I would loooove to be there right now.

  3. I hope you feel better soon :( I can't wait to see the new wallets bc I really cussing want one!

  4. I love that lil squirrel! I shrinky dinked him lol

    Those wallets are wonderful!

    Thank you for that very sweet Christmas card!! I loved it! I love how you stitched them! :) THank you so much! I hope you get better :( drink LOTS of water!! Stay warm!

  5. Ride on, that's my fav! Cuteeeee :)