A little bit of Bird Trouble

new wallets

Here you have it! 12 new wallets out of the 13 I made are in the shop as of last night.
They're all one of a kind. If a similar one is made... the lining, the thread, a button, or a vintage trim will make it different from the other.

1. Modern blue lines on upcycled stripes.

2. Owls on upcycled soft gray.

3. Deer on a salmon pink and upcycled soft gray.

4. Dias de los muertos and upcycled soft gray.

5. Deer on a dark brown and an upcycled soft gray.

6. Pressed leaves and an upcycled soft gray.

7. Birds and an upcycled blue and white striped.

8. Anchors and an upcycled mixture.

9. Lime lanterns and upcycled stripes.

10. Russian stacking dolls and upcycled soft gray.

11. Aqua dots on pink and upcycled stripes.

12. Birds and a mixture of upcycled fabrics.

Also, I've opened up a 2nd Etsy shop. Sometimes I buy in bulk when I go shopping for my vintage laces, trims, and buttons. This leaves me with a ton of materials that may not fit my Bird Trouble style or that I just have too much of. I decided to open up Bird Trouble Supplies because I'd rather have another crafter take what I don't need, instead of hiding it or tossing it out.

I only have 10 items up right now but I will be adding more and more within the next couple of weeks.


  1. Ahh, I love them all! My favorite one is 2, 4 or 5. I can't decide!

    Everyone keeps asking me where I got my cute wallet :D And I tell them, of course ;P

  2. they are all so adorable! i love 3, 9 and 10 the best! best of luck with them!

  3. uuh they look so pretty!! i like very much dias de los muertos and polka dots :)

    take care

  4. Ahhhh I cant choose! 2, 3, or 4, I really do need a new wallet! oh gee Its sooo hard.....hmmm I guess.....it will have to be..........#3!!! I just cant pass up those cute little deer! I'm going to go pay for it now, and I'm going to throw your link in my blog for some extra loving! If you could do the same check out my Etsy shop! How did you make that cute little link anyways??? Here's my full of feathers shop....http://www.etsy.com/shop/rish.
    Thanks for the beautiful new wallet!

  5. I love 3, 8, and 9 :)

    You're awesome!! They are perfect! I'm gonna check out the supply shop!

  6. I love the textiles you use. Everything is adorable!


  7. I'm so jealous! Do you use a sewing machine?
    I want to start making little pouches and selling them on etsy but I don't know where to start lol.


  8. love them all! i am going to start looking at sewing machines soon. any advice on what's good for a starter like me?? :D

  9. i did get your card! I haven't changed my addy with the post office yet so I still have to go over to the old house to get my mail. the card sooooooo cool, i love it! thanksssss :D