Another night, another craft.

The other night, I ran out of interfacing and was left unable to sew because of it....
so I did a bit of knitting!

Knitted Bow Project
Isn't he adorable?! Yes, it's a he. haha. I'm going to make some more in different colors and eventually put them on a hair clip. I guess it was the bows that my friend makes that got me super inspired to make it. If you didn't get to, read the post before this to see her bows! :)

OH and, boy, was it relaxing. I'm so glad I was just able to just to lay on my belly on my bed, watch my Netflix movies, and knit away. I really needed the break. My back has been kiiiiiilling me from sewing everyday. I have to remind myself to sit up straight every 10 seconds and I've been putting a pillow behind my back. I should really start stretching though.

I also painted my nails all fancy the other day. The red nail polish is MAC (I'm not sure of the color as of right now) and then I sprinkled on some MAC pigment, and put a clear coat on top. I love it! I can't wait to expirement with all my colors and pigments.

Okay I'm off to hopefully listen to some good music, do some dancing, and spend time with friends! I reaaaaaaaally need a break from my house.


  1. I love the bow! I make some similar that I put on headbands only I crochet in stead of knit.

    p.s. if you like squirs you should look up Brevard, North Carolina. We have adorable white squirls. I've never seen them anywhere else.

  2. Um, I need that bow on a hairclip.
    Your nails are super cute too. I love playing with different colors and things. :]
    You are far too adorable.