DIY tutorial project & some new clothes!


Hi there my sweet little friends!
I'm feeling pretty good today. I think it's because I woke up early (9am, yikes!) instead of sleeping in until 1pm. It feels good and I haven't even had my green tea yet!

Yesterday I sewed and watched Heroes. I mean that's not a surprise! What else do I do now-a-days? haha! I love it though. I can't be at home and not sew. It's weird but it's also very relaxing to me. I'm on the 3rd season of Heroes right now. Does anyone else watch Heroes? I loved it until the 3rd season. It's starting to be very repetitive and boring... Oh well. It's just until Lost comes back on TV. hahaha

Here's a DIY project (& a short tutorial) I worked on the other night! It's really simple if you have a sewing machine. I'm going to try to do some DIY project & short tutorials every now and then to get some excitement.
January 102
~Fabric cut into two even rectangles.
~A sewing machine.
~A zipper.
~Dry erase marker.
~Small scissors.

How I did it:
1. I have a bunch of vintage fabric that I've collected for years so I cut out two even rectangles. You can use an old bed sheet if you don't have fabric or you can go to the nearest thrift store to find an old cute bed sheet.
2. For the vinyl letters, I took a dry-erase marker and wrote my quote, "Everything will be okay". The reason I used a dry-erase marker is because it comes off vinyl with a napkin.
3. I cut out the letters with a small pair (easier handling) of scissors. You can also use an exacto-knife but for some reason, I like scissors.
4. I placed the words in a good position on the side of the pillow that I wanted. This gave me an idea of how I wanted it before I started sewing.
5. I sewed along the edges of the letters making sure I kept the position I wanted. The good thing with vinyl is that it doesn't fray! The one I have is real affordable, too.
6. When I finished sewing the quote on... I placed the right sides of the fabric together, pinned the edges, and sewed a 1/4" seam along the edges but I left an 8" opening on the side.
7. I sewed a zipper in the 8" opening so for when I get stuffing, I can just easily stuff my pillow!
You're done! Yay! There's ways you can tweek this project. You can measure out a pillow case you already have & put in one of your pillows instead of stuffing or you can just make a pillow sleeve if you want (without the zipper).

The other day, I went to the mall to spend a little more of my Forever21 gift card. Here's what I decided on!
January 103
At first, I wanted to buy some cute dresses and tights but that's not what I wear everyday! I grew up as a big tomboy so as much as I'd love to wear a cute little dress and flats everyday... I'm more of a band shirt, black jeans, and converse type of gal. So, I really wanted to buy new shirts that I can wear everyday. I decided on these two shirts and a basic black tank top to wear underneath. I love the first top because of it's baggy fit and I fell for the striped shirt because of the zipper on the back, haha! Maybe one day I'll buy something girly... but while it's winter, I'll stick to my tomboy look, ha.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! <3>


  1. that's a really cute little pillow case :) great idea!

  2. well thank you for sharing this lil' tutorial. those new shirts are so cute and look totally your style.

    sarah ann

  3. Wow, thanks for the tutorial! Glad you're feeling good today! :)


  4. cute clothes you got!

    i love getting up early..i always feel more productive and i get more time with the sunlight!

  5. I love your tattoo!
    I want a half sleeve!

  6. love the half sleeve! you look so pretty in that first pic :D glad you're feeling good lately :D

    thanks for the tutorial, love it!

  7. loved heroes when it originally aired..totally agree..after season3, it went downhill..love that backzipper!

  8. shoulda mentioned it's pistolpissy!

  9. Love the first shirt so much!

    Oh, and this tutorial is so cute! Great job! :]

  10. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  11. visible zippers are the best! too cute! ♥

  12. Your tattoo is amazing! I've been contemplating getting a Day of the Dead gypsy in a similar style for ages. Very inspiring!


  13. I looove that striped shirt!! It fits you perfectly! :)