Help Bird Trouble help Haiti!

Haiti Relief

Help Bird Trouble raise & donate money for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief. All of us know how much pain Haiti is going through due to the powerful earthquakes. They still need help and if you make a purchase from now until the end of January, 10% of your proceeds will be donated. I will post a blog on February 1st with the total amount that we helped donate.

Also, anyone who makes a purchase now until the end of January, will receive a free gift with purchase. Help others and get cute stuff doing it!

This includes custom orders too! If you'd like me to make something for you, please email me! My email is on the blog under 'Contact Me'. I'd be more than happy to make your vision come true.

Thank you so much for everyone who helps us!


  1. This is a great idea. I'm defiantly going to make some purchases!


  2. what a great way to help out!! plus your stuff is soooo cute so that make s it even better!!

  3. you're so sweet :D love the blog redesign too!

  4. what a great thing!

    your blog is amazing, i love it!

  5. Great idea! Check my blog lady!