Frickn' Awesome.

First off... I'm freaking out because I won Danielle (Biscuit)'s blog giveaway! I won The Time, a freakin' awesome vintage metal thermo, a sweet orange/yellow vintage pyrex bowl, and an awesome messenger bag! I'm so excited! Thanks Danielle. I heart you!

Custom order hip pouch.

I've just been working on custom orders for the past week. I finished this hip pouch for a lovely customer of mine who purchased a pouch and love the fabric so much, she asked me to make her this. I love the idea of it and I plan on making more!

Custom order hip pouch.

Here's the back of it. Your belt goes through the loop and you can wiggle, dance, run, or do whatever you please without carrying a huge purse around! It's big enough to fit a phone and a cash/cards.

So let's see....

I took the last two days "off" and spent some quality time with some friends. Wednesday night, me and my girl Allie out Rino. It's not really our "scene" but they have free mixed drinks for an hour and we wanted to take advantage it that! It ended up being a ton of fun. We were sitting by ourselves lookin' bored and this guy comes up to us and goes, "You girls look bored. Do you want to hang out with the Real World crowd?" and we were like.. UM, sure? ahaha. So we sat with them and the guy Syrus who was on the Real World in 1997. LOL. It was so hilarious. His publicist couldn't even afford to buy us Fiji water!

When we walked outside to go home, Allie's car was gone! It got towed! We were so bummed. My camera was in her car and I've got 10 coin pouches to take pictures of but no camera! She payed to get her car out Thursday evening so I'm just waiting to see her again to get my stuff. We stayed the night at my friend Jimmy's house. Allie went to bed & me and Jimmy stayed up til 7am watching Rugrats! hahah!

Yesterday, my friend's band, AMCR, played at Cobra Lounge. I took the train all the way down and my toes were frozen by the time I got there. It was like 5 degrees and being next to the lake makes everything 1000x colder! My zune died 15minutes into my trip and I was so bummed that I couldn't listen to my music. Anyway, AMCR's set was awesome. They're so talented.

So yep, that was my early start to a weekend. I plan on sleeping tonight until Monday! :)

Here's some photo fun!

Trip to nowhere

Taken some time in 2005. Poor turtle was on the side of a busy road so me and my ex-boyfriend at the time picked him up and showed him a safer place to be.


Taken in 2006 during my fashion design courses. I was experimenting with muslin before I used my final fabric choice for my textiles final project.

The flowers coming off the shoulder were made from the screen you put in your windows. For the stems, I used a thin copper wire twisted and braided together. I put colorful beads in the stems and spray painted the screen.

Don't forget about Bird Trouble Helping Haiti. I'm going to stretch the promotion into February because I want to promote it better. Also, if you haven't asked me a question through formspring, you should!! I'm going to do a long post with Q&A once I get a reasonable amount of questions.

PS. Hiiii to my new bloggy followers! *waves* :)


  1. your new layout looks so good! :) that owl pouch is so cute. whenever i go into your etsy shop, i have to leave because i want EVERYTHING!

    xoxo, Eden


  2. I like your new header and that hip pouch is really cute!


  3. awwww! *muah* (HIGH FIVE)

    and GEEZE RUGRATS?! I LOVE THAT SHOW... LOVED.THAT.SHOW. I even had the talking watches from Burger King back in the day!

  4. congrats! and awesome photo fun!
    love the turtle!

  5. I love the pouch! What beautiful fabric! :O

  6. this is my first visit, and you have a really sweet blog. i like the old photos too, nice turtle!

  7. just found your blog. adorable :)

    congrats on the win!

  8. hey! 2 things:
    1a. LOVE the owl hip pouch. Give it to me. ha.
    1b. Rugrats = favorite show growing up. I still remember my favorite episode! It's the one where they "grow up" and are adults. Scary. Please know which one I'm talking about. haha