It's been a while.

It's been a week since I last blogged & I apologize for my absence. School started this past Tuesday and so far, so good. I only had 2 classes so far but both teachers are real great. This coming Monday, I have 2 more classes and I'm getting impatient to see how they go. So, that's the reason I haven't posted all week but I'll get you up to date. :)

Thursday night was craft nights at my friend, Dome's house. We decided we're going to do it every Thursday and we'll do a different craft each week. It's fun because Project Runway is on Thursday nights too. This week, I made myself a pair of tights (My first pair! They turned out awesome. I love them!) and I showed Dome how to use her sewing machine. Her first project is to make plush bats to hang from her ceiling. They're going to be so cute when they're finished but she ended up getting frustrated with her sewing machine... haha. Dottie made a very sparkly bag that turned out cute too. This week, we're going to work on pouches and we're going to start brain-storming our painting projects. I'm real excited for Dome to show me how to paint. She's such an amazing artist! I'll have to take pictures of her paintings while I'm there so I can show you guys.

Yesterday was AMAZING. Me and a bunch of friends who I used to hang out with every day in highschool went to our friend's bar for his birthday. I haven't seen him in like 3 years so that was awesome. It was just so great to have mostly everyone (about 20 of us) in the same room again. In highschool, we used to all meet up in our friend's basement every weekend. We used to all go to the beach, we'd go to Chicago for shows, take the train all together, and have wonderful times. Me and the girls danced until 5am. I can't even explain how amazing it was... it made me so happy and gets me so excited for 2010.

Tonight, my friend is taking me out to the movies but I'm not sure which one we're going to see. It should be fun! I really want to see the new Michael Cera movie but I doubt he'll want to see that, haha.

Anyway, here's some eye candy!

Custom order wallet.
Here's a custom order trifold wallet that I just finished for one of my customers. She's giving it to her boyfriend for Valentines day. :) She asked me to embroider The Beatles lyrics on the inside and also the clear pocket for a special coin that her boyfriend has (his grandpa gave it to him).

Happy mail!
Yesterday I got my happy mail package from Cynthia! She sent me this awesome sewing machine pendant, 3 necklace chains, mexico stickers!, and a cute little scrap booking sticker. I instantly put my necklace together and wore it to my friend's birthday party. I LOVE it! Thanks Cynthia! PS. Cynthia, comment on my blog because I don't know who you are and I want to thank you!

It will.
I finally stuffed my pillow! I love how it looks. It sits behind me while I sew. :) I've got a few friends who are having me make them custom order ones. Leave me a comment if you want one!

My new magnet.
My new magnet that I purchased from a dainty little store in Geneva. This store was so cute. It's an old house that was transformed. There were tons of handmade items, home items, bags, jewelry, and a bunch of other adorable things. I wanted everything!

Eggs benedict from Nosh in Geneva, IL
Me, my mom, and my mom's cousin went to this great little place in Geneva called Nosh. I had this wonderful eggs benedict dish. It was so, so, so good.

Cutest little tea bags at Nosh
Here's the adorable tea presentation they had. The tea bags inside are the same shape and you put it in your tea and the little stem pokes out of the top of the cup. So fricken' adorable. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them hahah... I'm sure everyone thought I was a freak.

Our delicious appetizer from Nosh
Here's our yummy appetizer that we shared. I forgot what it was called but those are pears, goat cheese, and I'm not sure what the other yummy thing was called but it was deliiiiicious.

Thanks for reading! & hi to my new blog friends!


  1. everything in this post is great. the wallet is so amazing and original, i love the lyric embroidered in it; too cute!

    the food looks amazing and is making me hungryyyy! and i love love love that pillow!

    so good.

  2. I LOVE THAT PILLOW!!! AND THAT WALLET! Can I have it all, please?!?!?! You are just adorable!!

  3. Omg all of the food looks so delicious!!!


  4. that wallet is AWESOME (oooh and so many pretty pictures of wonderful things + food!).

    that's cool that you got to hang out with your high school friends! makes me wish i could see mine too (haven't seen them in a while). also, craft night sounds fun! did you use a pattern for the tights? i want to make some sometime.


  5. That eggs benedict looks sinful! And I love your new magnet - words to live by!

  6. Biscuit, you're more adorable!

    Carly, thanks for the sweet compliment on my wallet. :)

    Erica Leigh, I didn't use a pattern. Actually, I took a pair of my skinny pants, folded them at the zipper, put them on top of fabric, and cut out 4 sections. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on it. It's too confusing to type out, haha.

  7. love that wallet!!! soooo sweet :) glad you're having so much fun creating and living life :D

    p.s. yummy food :D me want!!!

  8. the photos are making me crazy.
    they're all so cute.
    your blog's driving me crazy,too.
    it's so good :)

  9. Hi Alexz!

    I'm so glad you loved your necklace! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post, i've been overly busy the past couple of weeks. But I feel so happy that you instantly wore your necklace to a party! I'm so very happy you love it! I'm going to write you again soon! I promise. My schedule just likes to forbid me from being able to do fun stuff like that. Haha. I hope your week is going well and i sure do hope you're having a very wonderful day! I absolutely LOVE your blog! You're such an amazing person and I'd love to be your friend! Have a lovely day tomorrow, Alexz! :]

    Cynthia. :]

  10. I love the wallet, the pillow, and the saying on the wall you have "This is your world. Shape it or someone else will" so true.