Shop update & heads up.

Just another quick shop update post before this crazy week starts.

Shop update! New cup cozies!

15 new cup cozies entered the Bird Trouble family yesterday! Now there is a total of 30 cup cozies! The list is long so just follow this link to the shop's Cup Cozy section.

The reason I've been sewing like a mad woman for the past two week is because I start classes this week. Eep! I'm excited for school but I'm also pretty terrified. This will be my second time in college. I haven't been in school for the longest time because I felt it wasn't for me in the past (I was studying Fashion Design before). I wish I could just travel and move to different states every year but it's that time where I have to get myself together. I'm taking Intro to Graphic Arts, Composition, Speech, and Sociology. I'm going to work towards a Business Administration transfer but I'm also taking the Graphic Art class to see how I like it. Phew, wish me luck!


  1. Love the cozies!! wow, you've been sewing so much lately and now i see that it's for a great reason :D Good luck w/ school! Don't be scared ;)

  2. I just started last semester after being out for 3 years. I was a little nervous too, but ending up loving it this time around.

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you! :]]

  3. These cozies are adorable!!! Good luck in school! I am sure you will do great... Those classes sound fun.

  4. omg i love these cozies!!!!!

    ps. I'm still sending you something..I just want to get a good package out so it's taking me a wee little bit!

    Hope you're doing good my dear! <3

  5. Your cozies are too too cute! I may have to pick one up :).

    I was also wondering, I am working on a website, LittleOwlShop.com that will be up over the summer. I will be selling different kinds of cute handmade (and some non handmade) goodies. I was wondering if you would be at all interested in me buying a few cozies wholesale from your shop? I still have to get a lot worked out and I have a lot to do with the shop. Let me know if you would be interested!


  6. I often think about going back to school (I've toyed with the idea of graphic design myself). I studied Cultural Anthropology AGES ago, but I think it would be fun to study something more creative.

    Good luck! You'll make an awesome student. :)