Let the good times roll, let the good times roll.

Taking another peak

A few peaks of my studio room and it's wild pink walls.

Top left:

-vintage globe, a very lonely canon (i need to start using it again), my zune, vintage thermo (i won that from Danielles giveaway! i love it!), my squirrels, a cute owl, a card with a turtle shell from Sharon Montrose on Etsy, and a colorful vintage tile display with an Adam & Eve (I'm not sure what it's real purpose is).

Bottom left:

My favorite vinyl covers from my collection. Billy Holiday, Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, a few Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Talking Heads, Billy Joel, and Nancy Sinatra's Boots.


My almost empty spool organizer. I really need to stock up. A Miller High Life tin poster showing my love for the midwest! Plus, I love the colors of it and the girl's fancy striped dress.

Some of my favorite items in my house
Here's a better picture of that colorful vintage tile display. This is when I had it on display on my old record player, which sat right next to my kitchen, in California.

Once Chicago isn't freezing anymore, I plan on painting my walls. I've had this same color for a few years now. Any suggestions?

It's in the details...

Some more of my favorite things that I have hanging out in my studio room:

Top left:

A polaroid I took in 2005 (I think it was 2005).

Bottom left:

A vintage sewing machine picture frame that my ex found for me at a garage sale for $1!! I haven't found the perfect picture to put in it yet. It needs a little bit of cleaning but I love it.

Top right:

A homemade felted bowl with my stash of neutral colored vintage & new buttons.

Bottom right:

-DOMO cup! He's from 7/11. I love him. He just sits there... there's nothing in him because I don't want to ruin his adorable self.

-Mini moo cards.

-A picture holder made out of real wood and a real twig. It holds a polaroid of a wooden fence. It was only like $3 from this cute store in Geneva, IL.


  1. The sewing machine picture frame is awesome! I have one just like it from a thrift store, it's my favorite picture frame everrrr!

  2. Ugh I love it. I just wish I could find the perfect picture in it's size to put in it!

  3. I drink Miller High Life. I'm fancy like that. Ha!

    Your studio space looks awesome.