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Like a Lady

Here's my Q&A the few Formspring questions I had received!

I love packaging, it is a great way to establish a personal connection in an electronic world. Even though the item is handmade, it is the first thing your customer sees that says, "Thanks for buying from me!" :)
I completely agree! I did a blog post on packaging in January because I think it's extremely important for the customer to know they're buying something that a lot of love went into.

Here's the blog post:

Here's my forum post in the Etsy forums that was featured in the Etsy email list:

this is kind of personal... but how much money do you make from your etsy shop, per month? you have so much awesome stuff, i want to buy it all!!
The profit that I make from my shop really varies from month to month. I don't really want to give exact numbers but some months, I only make $500 and other months, I can make $700. Right before the holidays, it was crazy busy and really successful! This past month was slower but still successful with returning customers and custom orders. I only have my phone bill and my tuition to pay so I can squeeze by... but I hope it gets busy enough to where I can rent my own place soon.

I love your blog and shop! by kelsilove
Thank Kelsi! Congratulations on winning too! :)

I looooove your packaging, it's the cutest thing I ever received. Do you make your own stamps and labels? If so how?
Yay! I'm glad you loved your package! I love packaging my orders. The Bird Trouble stamp that I use was created by Modern Art Stamps on Etsy. I sometimes use a bird stamp, if I don't forget, and that's from Michaels Crafts. Other than that... I sometimes use a To: label that I designed on picnik, put it onto word, and printed it out on computer paper (that I buy from thrift stores!). I really love incorporating paper doilies in my packaging also.

Who designed your website?
If you're talking about www.birdtroublehandmade.weebly.com,
I made that myself with the help of weebly's templates. Weebly.com is free and is so easy to work with! I plan on getting a more professional website in the future, but that one is good for now.

What design program do you use on your computer to make your graphics, its so cute?
Well thank you! I just use www.picnik.com to add borders, add words to them, or stickers. I love picnik because it's free! You can pay to use some extra special tools but I like the basic tools good enough. :)

Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles all the way!! Waffles, french toast, then pancakes. Pancakes are just boring to me!

how many tattoos do you have? what are they?
I have a total of 5 tattoos. My whole upper right arm is covered so I'll consider that one but it wraps around under my arm too. The outside of my arm is of a Spanish lady on top of a rose. The inside is another rose and a sugar skull inspired by Dia De Los Muertos. Let's see... I have two dots on my wrist that represent snake bites (inside joke with a friend, I don't expect any of you to think that's cool hahah). I have my toes done that I got with my ex, so I need those either covered up or removed. My first tattoo, which is another cute skull with hearts on my lower hip. I also have a blue/red heart behind my left ear. I love tattoos! I plan on getting more work done as soon as I can save money aside from school.


Right Arm

Inner Right Arm

You are so cute! Are you married? If so, how long have you been married? Do you like being married?
Thanks! No, I'm not married. Me and my boyfriend of 3 years just broke up this past New Years. I plan on staying single for a very long time! haha

when did you start sewing? what's your favorite thing to do while you sew? [as far as multi-tasking is concerned...]
I started sewing in 8th grade. So...when I was 13, I think. I had to make a pair of boxer shorts for class. I also took 4 years of Fashion Design in high school, 3 of those years being Independent Study (that's when I really started loving it because I was open to make what ever I wanted). Then off to Fashion Design in college... but I didn't go through with that and here I am! As for my favorite thing to do while I sew... I usually ALWAYS have a movie or a TV show playing off Netflix. I love Netflix. I swear, I'd go crazy without it! haha Lately, I've been just playing Pandora.com stations because it's less distracting.

That was a lot of fun answering those. Keep asking me questions! I gotta get to work on my Sociology paper and then I'm going to sew for the rest of the day and all day tomorrow! Yay!


  1. I asked the tattoo question. Your work is awesome! And hang in there with the break up - just look at it as the beginning of a new era for yourself. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! I really need to get my arm touched up but I'm itching to get more done, haha. Oh, and I'm loving my new single era! I think I'm more independant anyway. :)