Monday's 10 Things I Love

Last Monday's 10 Things I Love was a hit! Thank you for everyone who commented and showed their support! My readers rock. :)
I'll make it a weekly thing (on Monday evenings) to share some eye candy... to inspire others and start the week off right. Okay, here we go!

1) This adorable Daniel Johnston tattoo. If you haven't already, I recommend everyone to listen to Daniel Johnston and to also watch the movie, The Devil & Daniel Johnston.

2) An amazing polaroid taken by my friend, Laurie. I love all of her photos on her flickr account but this one is definitely one of my favorites.

3) How I wish I could travel to Italy to see places like these... or to travel anywhere. One day, one day.

4) Catzilla attacking Chicago! What's not to love about this?!

5) Becky's Sugar Love Skull embroidery! We're going to do a trade so I can have one of these guys for myself. :) It can also be purchased in her Etsy shop!

6) I wish I had a secret place just like this to escape to.

7) This photo gave me goosebumps. The lyrics are from Death Cab For a Cutie's I Will Follow You Into the Dark... that song will always gets me.

8) Where are men like this hiding? Good hair? Good style? What?! Where?!

9) Eco-friendly pretty organization! I need to re-organize my craft space... yeah, I say that all the time.

10) Saturday night's dinner at my friend Dan's house. He made two Mediterranean dishes and Emily made a delicious chocolate dessert to top off the night. I can't wait for our next fancy dinner night!

Each photo, unless stated differently, is from weheartit.com.


  1. Great list! I looove Daniel Johnston!

  2. i always tear up at that death cab song :( its good though, just very sad.

  3. I love your friend Laurie's photo too! Pretty and ghostly at the same time! bahahaha to the crazy cat :) those fellas are handsome! Thank you for loving my sugar skull ;) I started yours last night nad I LOVE it so much lolol -that's not suppose to be braggy - you picked the best colors! I worked on it this morning in the doctor's waiting room and this older lady (80's) asked what I was making and I showed her and smiled and she was not impressed that it was a skull lolol I just kept smiling! I hope as I get old I stay totally open minded! Cranky old lady ;P

  4. totally agree = those men are cute! fun list!

  5. OOhh that photo with the Deathcab lyrics is *amazing*! Good timing too - I'm learning that song in guitar class tonight. Mebe a bit morbid, but I think it'll make a great acoustic lullaby for all the babies my friends are having.

    Fancy dinners look like a blast... might have to implement something like that :)

  6. awesome post!
    death cab is lovely... amazing lyrics