Shop update.

Feb 262

Bird Trouble had another shop update on Friday but I haven't had times to post about it until now. Here are 6 out of 7. A couple are repeats from earlier this week but they're still one of a kind with a different zipper color or placement.

1. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Woodland Owls
2. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Russian Stacking Dolls
3. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Woodland Deer on Upcycled Stripes
4. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Pea Green Flowers
5. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Adorable Owls
6. One of a Kind Bifold Wallet in Airplanes and Patchwork

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I did. I'll see you tomorrow for 10 Things I Love Monday! :)


  1. holy crap russian nesting dolls! that is so cute!! and I love the brown one with the owls. Once I get some more moneys saved up I am totally buying one! :]

  2. I love the neon deer wallet! OOHHH I forgot to tell you. When I used my wallet at work the other day one of my new coworkers said "That wallet is freaking awesome. Just saying." I told him about you and I gave him your business card that you sent me in the wallet. I hope he buys something!!

  3. ooooooooooh i love #4. I'm doing a floral theme in my bedroom and I love that fabric :D

    nice work!!

  4. oh and p.s. i changed my blog name and i have new super cute blog buttons so if you want to swap my old button out you can :D

  5. The owls are so cute!! Nice work :)

  6. I love that first owl wallet. How stinkin' fun. Your wallets are great. I wish I could come close to making stuff like that.

  7. They are all my favorite! lol I love them all! Did I tell you your sugarsugar skull is in the mail - it's monday and i'm forgetful! I wanted to keep it ps :) but I can't wait til you get it!