Happy Mail!

My Happy Mail from Elisa came today. It made me scream, jump, scream more, squeal, scream again, and run around like a little kid. In short, it made my day. :)

February's Happy Mail!!!
She was so generous! I received an apron from her favorite thrift store, russian dolls key holders!!!!!!!, and loads of squirrel magnets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH.

Thank you Elisa!
Thank you SO MUCH, Elisa! I love ALL of it. I can't wait for summer to wear the apron with a skirt. I can't wait for you to get your package. :)

PS. Don't forget to check out all new wallets I added into the shop the other day! I added 7 more today but I'll make a post for them either tonight or tomorrow. I wanted this post specifically for Elisa and Happy Mail. :)


  1. Oh... you're welcome! I looked around for squirrel things for so long with no luck, and then I found all of it on the same day. I was so excited, I'm so thrilled you loved it.

  2. How adorable!!!!! Those key holders are awesome! All of it is!!!

  3. Such cute stuff! There should be more snail mail. It's so much more satisfying than email.