10 Things I Love

Okay... before you yell at me, I know I've been MIA, and I didn't post last week, but let me explain.

I had midterm exams last week (which was hectic! a test, a speech, a paper, and another paper!) and I've been working almost everyday at my day job. It's been a long and tiring week and this week will be the same even though it's SPRING BREAK! I'm not too excited about it because I work every day 'til Thursday! At least I'll have the weekend off. This Saturday I'm going to see my friend Eric, I hope... and I haven't seen him in such a long time! I can't wait.

Here's my 10 Things I Love Monday post...

1) Abandoned anything. I'm obsessed. Well, I used to be more obsessed, but now that I'm back in the midwest... I can't wait for it to warm up and visit some places I used to go to when I was in highschool.

2) This lovely photo! It reminds me of spring and spring is ALMOST here! It just snowed in Chicago AGAIN but it's very quickly melting away and it seems to be getting warmer... I hope. You never know here!

3) My pretty and colorful threads!

4) One day I'm going to have an entry door and a dining room like this...

5) This ridiculously adorable bow. Once I have some time, I'm going to make myself one. I'd love to wear bows all summer.

6) I don't think I posted this yet! Look at the adorable skull embroidery that Becky made me! I love him!

7) This feisty lady! I love her style. Sometimes I wish I were girly enough but I grew up a tomboy... and I still am one. ha

8) I haven't listed to new music in years. Honestly, it's horrible, I listen to the same punk rock and some other stuff that I listened to in high school. I recently became obsessed with She & Him through my Cat Power pandora station... so I purchased the album, and I'm in love.

9) I really like this idea. I think it'd be awesome if it was TV and TVs stacked on top of each other. I gotta remember that for my own place.

10) Saving the best for last... my new tattoo! (Done by Bill at Chi-Town Tattoo. Go see him if you're in the area! He's awesome.) It's on my middle finger on my left hand... this picture was taken the same day so the purple marking is the stencil. I'm hoping to get a bigger one within the next 2 weeks but we'll see if I can squeeze in time.

Thank you everyone for reading and for all the new followers. I really appreciate everyone who's interested in my blog! & yes... I'm still going to do the giveaway. Hopefully this week. I'll keep you updated! <3


  1. LOVE your new tattoo! Where'd you get the idea? And did you embroider that squirrel? I love it.

    please follow! xoxox


  2. love your new little tattoo! good luck with the next week, sounds like a way full load!

  3. awww I like the pictures!! and i like she&him is a nice music, and zoeeey she is amazing girl, love her style

  4. The skull embroidery really is amazing. So is your new tattoo! xo.

  5. She and Him......love love love forever!!
    There is a new album coming out this month called Volume 2!

  6. i love these 10 things ;) esp that dining room and your new tattoo...you're making me want to go get another one :D

    miss you in bloggy land! but you've got good reason...take it easy ;)

  7. Hello lil lady :) I love your new tattoo, pretty cute! I always like your 10 things list, the first one is so crazy and neat!

    You had to give a speech - YIKES! I can talk all day, but put me up in front of a bunch of people I freeze up! It's so strange, I'm not a shy person at all. I don't know what my deal is! I hope you did well! :)

    Thanks for the sugar skull love!! It's still my favorite! :)

    Hope this week is less stress for you!

  8. That picture of the pool is so eerie! There are a lot of run-down abandoned places around here, they would be fun to take photos of :)

  9. I love your blog! thanks for sharing. I will be displaying your blog on my Pages'page for my newest obsession blogs!
    How about that!

  10. Saw this and thought of you: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35006042

    xoxo Julie
    Glamour Damaged

  11. I just looove abandoned places myself! I thought it was kinda sick but after reading your post, I feel better about it :-)