Dinner parties!

Hello everyone! Lately, me and some of my friends have been having fancy dinner party nights where we dress up and eat delicious homemade food. It's so much fun! I haven't cooked anything myself yet but Dan, Emily, and Lexi have made some amazing stuff. Soon, I plan on having my mom teach me to make her flan and I'll probably made from sausage-deviled eggs too.

Here are some pictures of our dishes and our good times! Ps. I bet you don't know this about me (besides Emily and Beth- who are also my facebook friends), but I take pictures of ALL my food. hahah It's a weird habit I have...

Mediterranean dinner party from February.

Now here is March's Dinner Party... it had an appetizer theme.

Here are mobile pictures from last night's vegetarian dinner party at Lexi's...

Now I have to finish getting ready to go to my weekly dance night with Anna. We're going dance our night away to the house band that plays Top 40! It's always fun. I'm finally officially on my Spring Break too... I just finished working 5 days in a row. Now I have nothing to do but orders and packaging until Monday when I go back to classes.
OH, and Biscuit, I received Season 1 of Pushing Daisies from Netflix today... :) I'm watching the first episode right now and I LOVEEEE IT.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday night! Thanks for reading my last post and for all the compliments on my new tattoo. I have another session tattooed on April 1st. :) I can't wait!


  1. hehe the first one looks like a volcano!!!

  2. All of that food looks soooo amazing! I always want to cook something delicious and new...but then I get out a box of mac and cheese. Healthy, I know.

  3. How fun & delicious! That kitchen looks amazing, too!

  4. atta girl!! i'm so excited you love it!! it's SUCH a great series! but because i am so weird i only have intensely different friends. we don't really do stuff like dinner parties, but yours looks marvelous and i'm jealous! :]

  5. mmmm everything looks good!!

    I love Pushing Daisies...It's so beautiful to look at and the concept was very original. I hate that they canceled it. But they always cancel the good stuff :P

  6. Dinner parties are the best! Looks like you and your friends know how to do it up right. xo.