Today I went...

Hello Tuesday! It was so nice outside today! That is until it started raining, but at least it isn't snowing anymore. I went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with two of my best friends, Christina and Mark. We stuffed our faces and then walked around the mall until Christina had to go to work. After she went to work, I really wanted to stay outside because it was beautiful, so I went to one of my favorite antique stores!

Here is what I found...

This aqua quilted fabric storage box. The color really stole my heart and it's perfect for organizing my jewelry.

I found some vintage green buttons. You can never have enough button :). Two Old Style pins that say You Got Style. I'm going to give one to my friend and keep one for myself. Another pin that says "A Pirates Life" with a sparrow, hearts, and flowers... it's not vintage but it was only 50 cents. I also found this Marilyn Monroe book.

I also found this set of nesting dolls. They're in PERFECT condition and they're so adorable. I love them. I was really excited when I found them and I have to find the perfect place for them.

Then I found this great shirt with a bunch of anchors and compasses on it. It's the perfect weight for the summer! I can't wait for summer.

Tomorrow after class, I'm going to go to a few thrift stores and two antique stores so hopefully I'll find a cute typewriter and some cute squirrels! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday and be sure to check out my 10 Things I Love Monday post.


  1. so cute ! love the storage thingy lol
    hope you had a good day (:
    -xoxo kelsey

  2. Love all your finds! I'm going thrifting today, can I have some of your luck? :) Glad you like my blog, I like yours too. We're just two birds, I guess.

  3. okay...so maybe i am COMPLETELY jealous of everything you found. great finds! i especially love that jewelry organizer and those AMAZING green vintage buttons. those are the best ever!

  4. that blouse is awesome! i love picking up buttons, too! good luck tomorrow!!

  5. if you want some company thrifting tomorrow, i'm not doing anything!! i saw 2 typewriters at this one thrift store in steamwood too.


  6. omg i'm so jealous!! i love the storage box...and everything else :D great finds! you're making me want to go thrifting tomorrow!

  7. everything you found looks great!!

  8. Colleen, I will call you tomorrow after my class!!

  9. nesting dolls!!! ohgosh they're so cute! I love nesting dolls, I'm always looking for the perfect set when I go thrifting.
    and that shirt is so cuteee!

  10. Great finds!

    I got your email and hopefully will be able to get something to you by the end of the week! I took Monday off to enjoy the outdoors and time with friends, so I'm a day behind on everything!

  11. Cute blog. :)

    I love all your antique store finds. They are all so cute, especially those nesting dolls. One of my favorite things to do is spend an entire Saturday antique shopping for random things. I wish I had money right now to do that. Lol.

  12. You always find the most awesome stuff!! I like the anchor shirt :)
    I'm so glad you got your skull :) take your time, no rush- school work first!!! Plus I'm going on a trip so I won't be home anyway lol
    have a wonderful rest of the week!

  13. ummm ok. can you send me those nesting dolls. i'll kiss you?

  14. OOhh that shirt is AMAZING! I'm SO looking forward to summer.... the hoodies are swell,but there is some DAMN cute stuff waiting in my closet. Good finds :)

  15. that jewelry organizer is super cute! love it!