Giveaway winners!!

A total of 130 comments?! AND 368 followers?! You guys rock. This is how happy you make the dog and I:

Bowie & I got a webcam!

Here are the winners from the other day's giveaway. I used random.org to 'pull the numbers'.
PS... I found this to be a ton of fun. I promise I'll do them more often. I read each and every comment and I hope all of you have a wonderful summer with your plans!

1) Bird Trouble wallet goes to... Sandy a La Mode!
2) Bird Trouble cup sleeve goes to... Lauren!
3) Thrifted Campbells soup thermo goes to... Bebe Bird Beck!
4) Cheerful vintage scarf goes to... Melly Kay!!
5) Thrifted black bag with a black and gold strap goes to... The Cat Whisperer!
6) Vintage owl necklace goes to.... StarsandErin!
7) Three vintage necklaces go to... Oh My Deer!

Congratulations to the winners!! I love that all of them have blogs too. That always makes it fun! I will email the winners by tomorrow evening to receive an address and then you're presents will be on their way!

Besides that... I've got a buttload (yeah...buttload!) of school work and real work to do this week so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a blog post in. I want to let you in on a little secret though! Well, it's not really a secret but I'm pretty excited about it. This coming Monday, I'm starting a 6 day cleanse with my friend. I'm kind of nervous because normally, I eat A LOT but I've been getting sick too often and I feel completely drained of energy. I'm just going to give it a go to see how it works. Has anyone else done a cleanse? Any advice or complaints? I'm up to read anything you have to say.

I'll leave you with a picture of how my workspace is lookin' lately. I like how nothing is even. I should probably whip out one of those rulers to balance things out. Oh well, I say it gives it character!

Oh hello


  1. A cleanse? When you don't eat anything for 6 days? I think that's quite scary..

  2. Good luck on your cleanse!!! I find that the first day is kinda difficult, but not so bad because you're all "gung-ho" about starting, but then the second day is awful and you just want to give up and eat everything in sight, but honestly after the first two days its a piece of cake!! Good luck though!!!

  3. omg, i can't believe i won!!!! the wallet is sooo adorable and i LOVE that vintage fabric! thank you thank you thank you! definitely going to check out the blogs of the other winners too!

  4. good luck on your cleanse! you should blog about it everday to let us know how you're feeling. I've always wanted to do one but I'm scared!

  5. Good Luck on the cleanse! Annnnd... my dog is also named David Bowie... that is the weirdest coincidence in the world! :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/domesticnoise/3869395944/in/set-72157622184650684/ a pic of my bowie

  6. :] YAYY! Thank you thank you! That thermos is freakin' adorable.

    I know what you mean about school work, I can't wait till this semester is over.
    And good luck with the cleanse! I've always wanted to try one too.

  7. Please blog about the cleanse! I have been wanting to do one, but I haven't because I am a chicken, and I love to eat! I want to hear a detailed account of it :) Or you could text me about it... ;)

  8. :) Yay for the winners!
    You're cute about the crookedness! It DOES give the room personality ;)
    I bought on of those thread holders and I'm very excited about it! It's a pain to paint lol
    I can't cleanse, I really just love food lol and I may do it for a day, but then I have no will power! But I hope you do it, I'm curious about them!

  9. Here is a great link to help answer some or maybe all of your questions: http://hudakholistichealth.blogspot.com/2010/04/which-detox-program-is-right-for-you.html


  10. Ive researched and researched and have wanted to do a cleanse, but im SO busy, that it would be impossible to! (but maybe thats just me being chicken!)I LOVE food.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    xoxo Julie

  11. Off topic, but I love the color of your wall! It's like the perfect shade of pinkish purple!

  12. give us the deets of your cleanse! i want to try one but i'm scared of the actual cleansing part, haha!

  13. you need this:

  14. congrats to the winners! I wish I would have seen this giveaway sooner.. Thats great stuff to win!

  15. Good luck on your cleanse! I wanted to do the lemon/cayenne/organic maple syrup thing once but chickened out. What does yours involve?

    Also, rad! I never win anything! Totally glorious :)

    Oh and also also, did you make the barrette you're wearing in your banner? I love.

  16. i love your little workspace.
    and i wish i'd found your blog in time to enter the giveaway.