A summer post.

Hi everyone! As I stated in my last post, we moved into a new apartment because our last one was flooded. I think it was for the best though because our new place is amazing. It's a lot bigger and spacious for us to work with.

I've been lurking flickr for a while today find some inspiration.
You can take a peak of my favorites here!

Here's a quick snap shot I took by the front door. There's some things on the ground because I'm still unpacking.
So far... so good. :) I'm going to working on my place all weekend. I can't wait! It already feels like home laying on my couch, typing this, and watching Bonnie and Clyde. I'm happy. :)

Here's some more
eye candy
from the past couple of weeks...

Some of us stoopin' on Amanda's stoop. We like to call these 'Sunday Fundays'.

Jerimiah and James sitting in the back of Eugene's parked truck on Sunday Funday. Why? Because it's summer!

A look at Wicker Park fest on Mike's roof top. I love Chicago. It was such an awesome view. Not to mention away from that crowd... yuck.

And last... my new bike! My friend Michele, who has been staying with us, got this bike in Indiana and gave it to me. The front tire was in the car. I just couldn't wait to take a picture of it. I can't wait to clean it up. Even the seat is original. Yay! Chicago bike riding is a ton of fun... thanks to a friend who made me do it (I never would have- I was terrified).

Thanks for reading! Time to do some more unpacking and some more mashed potato eatin'!
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  1. Love how dog is laid on the steps too! Acting so CooooooL like a human.

  2. aww! i love hanging out with friends on the porch. it's the BEST.

  3. your new place looks cute so far!

  4. hey, that's a sprint schwinn. i have that exact same bike, but with two wheels, lol

  5. the new place looks awesome! youll have to share more pics :)

  6. your blog is really something special.
    I am enlightened by all of the loveliness each photo has to offer.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    happy blogging x x

  7. That looks amazing! I'm so jealous of hot places with their front porch culture- we've had the coldest summer in 99 YEARS in SF!