Some news and A SALE!

Hello, my loves! As stated above in the adorable, irresistible photo, Bird Trouble is having 20% off for the month of August. Why? I need to clear out some items to start working on new ones! Just mention MEOW in the check out and I will send you a refund. ;)

Other than that... I've been through H-E-double hockey sticks in the past 2 weeks. Our apartment (yep, the one we just moved into 6 weeks ago) flooded with 4 1/2 inches of sewerage water. None of my favorite items were ruined... just a lot of necessary house items. Our couch, bean bags, the bottom of our wooden furniture is warped/molding. The only thing of mine that was ruined that I'm really upset about is my camera but thankfully, my awesome dad gave me his brand new camera. He saved my butt. Thanks, dad!
Also, I'm pretty sure I am sick from the mold that was in the old apartment. We lived in there for a week after the flood and the bottom of my walls were coated in mold. Sick, I know. If I don't feel better soon.. I'm going to go to the doctor. Ugh.

One awesome thing though... We found a brand new amazinggggg and beautiful apartment. It's so wonderful. We even have a craft den!! I can't wait to decorate it and show it off to you guys. Tonight's goal: Unpack and decorate.

I hope everyone is doing well! Meow!


  1. ugh, gross. i totally know how you feel. I moved into a cute little basement apartment during winter storms and it promptly flooded. they fixed it and then...it flooded again. and then the upstairs neighbors left the sprinkler on over night and surprise, surprise... Yay for new clean apartments!

  2. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that. :(
    At least you found a new place pretty fast though. :)


  3. Sorry to hear about your apartment, but glad you found an awesome new one...I hope you feel better soon too!

  4. Oh poor thing! That's the worst! Geez!! I'm so happy to hear you have a new apt. and craft dens :)